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Don’t Just Blow Your Own Trumpet To Make Sweet Social Media Music

Why too much self promotion can harm your social media marketing efforts and why promoting others more might be beneficial

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Blog Like A Hobbit – 8 Blogging Tips From Frodo and Friends

Hobbits had all the qualities to be great bloggers – here’s 8 blogging tips that they might have passed on to us.

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Who Has Access to Your Twitter Account? Here’s How To Check

How many applications have you allowed to access your Twitter account? There might be some surprises lurking there so it’s time to check – Here’s how to do it.

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The Loneliness of The Long Distance Blogger

How joining in with the Social Media Fun Run can remove the loneliness the solo blogger can feel

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Hey! Tweeters! Leave Them Links Alone! – Don’t Invite Twitter Trouble

How clicking on Twitter links from unknown sources can have disastrous and embarrassing consequences and how to avoid it

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