10 Awesome Make-up Artists on Twitter

I am thrilled to welcome Kat Caverly back as guest with a seasonal Top Twitter People list for Halloween.  If you have been feeling a little down recently then check out Kat’s earlier contribution which will be sure to lift you out of the doldrums. Top 10 Things You Can Do When The Day is Going Horribly Wrong!

Kat is great fun to follow whatever the season and you’ll find her on Twitter @Greetums.

It’s that time. Halloween. Are you going Trick or Tweeting this year?

The red clown nose is the world’s smallest mask. A simple, foam red nose and you are in costume! And you probably can get one at the local drugstore.

Halloween has gotten to be so popular that Halloween shops spring up for a month all around everywhere, where you can get wigs, make-up supplies and kits, as well as costumes and accessories.

In addition to candy and greeting cards dressing up to celebrate this season is something I really look forward to doing. I am also a make-up artist and character comic, so make-up is one of my passions. And I found the most amazing Halloween make-up tutorials, as well as some extraordinary make-up artists.

1. Josh @petrilude

is a truly gifted theatrical and fine-art make-up artist. I suspect that he can create anything, living art. Really amazing I love is his video tutorial ‘Dark Knight

You can make a whole character mostly out of the face make-up. Then you can simply dress all in black, weather appropo. But with this make-up you’d be tempted to take it all the way.

2. Julia @MizzChievouz

This professional can show you how to do really beautiful glamour make-ups too and shows you how to be beautiful for Halloween with ‘Angel’ tutorial video:

3. Angie @goldiestarling

This artist’s work took my breath away on first view. Angie’s ‘Ventriloquist Dummy ‘make-up tutorial is haunting.

I could get lost in each of these make-up marvels YouTube channels. There are treasures in each of these channels, websites and blogs. If you love make-up you will be fascinated.

4. Jenn @JennisseMakeup

I looked at a lot of Jenn’s work which is fabulous, but her “Cat Woman’ make-up tutorial has stunning results.

5. Siobhan McDonnell @letzmakeup

This make-up artist is from Ireland and I think she has a uniquely gifted way of looking at Halloween ghouls. Try out ‘Psycho Doll’ if you are brave!

6. Elizabeth @unltdelizabeth

I am totally in love with by Elizabeth’s ‘Pink Skeleton’ make-up tutorial video. This character is gorgeous in a creepy kind of way.

7. Risa @RisaRM

Give this make-up pro’s channel some time. You will be entertained and learn a lot about make-up. I really love her ‘Zombie’ make-up tutorial.

8. Ashley @HollywoodNoir

I am fond of all things clown and Ashley has a refreshing twist on the twisted clown. So check out this wonderful ‘Joker’ make-up tutorial video.


9. Jessica Harlow @jessicaharlow

You can always tell a true artist by the way they creatively adopt materials. Check out Jessica’s glamour make-up tutorials, and this beautiful Halloween make-up tutorial video, ‘Greek Goddess’.

10. Ana Arthur @anaarthur81

I just never get tired of variations on the theme ‘Zombie’ and this make-up tutorial does not disappoint.

 Happy Halloween

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Many thanks for a fantastic compilation Kat!  Why not send me pictures of your Halloween make up? Maybe I will be able to run a Top 10 featuring the best after the event.

Author name: Kat Caverly
Bio: Kat Caverly leads teams of artists, directors, writers, composers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, comics, voice actors, performers, animators and movie makers to create extraordinary e-cards for Greetums.com and movie shorts for NoEvil Productions in New York.

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*image source (Excerpt) Happy Halloween – Flickr pareeerica