If You Tweet Them They Will Follow

I am delighted to welcome Liza Kane as a guest with her reasons why she would consider you were a Twitter person worthy of a ‘Follow’.

Liza is a full time reader, writer, and dreamer, though she pays the bills as a store manager. She shares her writing journey on her blog, Redeeming the Time and on Twitter @LizaKane.

10 Simple Ways I Know You’re Follow Worthy

Followers. Friends. No matter the label, these people are your entourage on Twitter. And, no matter the value you place on the number of followers you may have, let’s face it: if you really didn’t care about followers at all, then you wouldn’t have a Twitter account in the first place.

It’s OK to admit that you want more followers.  You’re on a social networking site, and it’s logical to assume that you would want a, well, network. But, if you’re in the business of gaining quality followers, (people who will actually buy, tune in, share the information or services you have to offer), then I think it only makes sense to focus on the quality of your followers than merely the quantity.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, but if you’re on Twitter, you’ll want to have someone like me follow you. Not only do I tweet regularly and reply consistently, but more importantly, I also retweet and share information religiously. And, that’s really what social media sites like Twitter are all about, isn’t it? Getting your information out there to a wider audience, so that they too will know The Awesome that is You.

So, how do you get someone like me to follow someone like you? Well, let me share with you the ten ways I know you’re follow worthy.

1. Tweet me: If you tweet me, I will follow you. Honestly, this is by far the best way to get my attention, since I don’t regularly check if I have new followers. It lets me know that (first of all) you are following me (or interested enough to tweet @ me), and tells me in a nice, non-needy, non-spammy way that you want a follow back. I don’t need a Twitter validation service to judge for myself whether or not you are spam.

2. A Real Picture: Image isn’t everything, but I’m afraid on Twitter it is  No eggs or stock images, please. I follow people. People tend to have faces.

3. Bio: I’m always leery of a person when this is blank. If you can’t whip up 160 characters about yourself, what will your timeline look like? I don’t need a professionally doctored resume full of targeted keywords, but something more intriguing than ‘I’m awesome’ would be nice though.

4. Link:What a great way to show potential followers that you exist in the real world! I love visiting blogs and learning about your hobbies outside of Twitter. This is especially important if you’re a Twitter newbie and haven’t yet grown your timeline of tweets.

5. Timeline:No matter how many tweets you have, I look for a balance of updates, replies, and retweets throughout your timeline. Are you just broadcasting random comments hoping someone will see your one tweet in a sea of hundreds, or are you actively interacting with your follow(er)s? Do you retweet and share content/information that you find interesting and relevant? Or, is the opposite true? Are you just retweeting other people’s information without forming any opinion of your own?

6. Follow ratio: Yeah, I know this is a little persnickety, but unless you’re really new, I will hesitate to follow you if you follow a TON of people, but only have a handful of them follow you back.

A huge follow count seems like you’re indiscriminately following anybody you can find (coughcoughlikespambotscoughcough), and I’ll also wonder what’s up with your content that no one will follow you. Which brings me to my next point –

7. Follower quality:If only spambots and autofollowers want to follow you, then why should I?

8. Favorites:Even if it’s only one or two things, I like to know that there were tweets out there that you identified with and had an emotional attachment to. Plus, it’s another way to share information (like a permanent retweet), and it’s fun to see what you felt was worth sharing.

9. Lists: Creating lists is more than a Monk-ish way to organize your follows  When you have lists, I immediately know that you’re more Twitter savvy than the average user, and want to avoid missing any updates from your follows. And, more importantly, the more you’re listed, the more I know that other people want to keep close tabs on you.

10. DM:Technically this happens only after I follow someone, but auto respond DMs truly get on my nerves. I think to myself, ‘huh, did I just volunteer for more spam?’  However, a personalized DM makes me smile, especially when it’s from a tweep with a ridiculous amount of follows. I appreciate the time a person with that many follows took to send a specific message for me.


So Tell Me: What do YOU consider when you decide to follow someone on Twitter, or other Social Network? What keeps you following?

Many thanks to Liza for her thoughtful post, please do let us know if have any comments or questions.

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  • saatchi

    As a newbie to Twitter.. sort of.., I really enjoyed reading this post. The way you put in words is so cute! You come down to the level where we newbies are and make us feel comfortable getting our feet wet. I’m pretty humorous and down-to-earth in real life but have been finding it somewhat difficult to really get into the world of Twitter, not knowing how to start conversations and what to tweat, and what not to tweet [lol], especially when knowing great and experienced people are not really interested in newbies…lol. I still don’t know how to approach people in a correct way, since everyone is really listening. LOL
    Anyway, I just meant to say ‘thanks’ for the great post! Cheers! : ))

    • Thank you for stopping by, and for the Cheers :)
      I initially wrote a post on my blog (which grew into a mini series) for a few twitter friends of mine who were feeling the same was as you, it seems. I would encourage you to just have fun meeting new people, and join in conversations! There’s no correct way (though, I do advise against asking people to follow you back…just follow and see what they do) ;)
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope to find you on Twitter!

      • saatchi

        Many thanks to you, Lisa, for helpful advices. I hope I will learn as much as I can and will feel comfortable enough to tweet often enough and in the correct ways. Thanks again. Have a fantastic week, Lisa! See you around. : ))))

    • Debbie Burns

      Seriously, go check out her Twitterverse postings. I was a complete noob before I met Liza. She’s made Twitter not only understandable, but fun too!

      Welcome to Twitter, Saatchi! Hope to see you around. :)

      • Thank you Debbie! and I LOVE that you’re having fun on Twitter now!

      • saatchi

        Thank you so much for your nice comment. : ))

  • Annie

    I’m so totally changing my bio to “I’m awesome.” Why hide the truth?? :D Juuuuuust kidding. Loved this, you have a great way of clarifying the chaos when it comes to the unwieldy world of Twitter. I especially loved the points about a real picture and the follow ratio. I think it’s super important to be as certain as you can that you are interacting safely on the net.

    • Ha! You are The Awesome, so it WOULD make sense :D
      Thank you for stopping by and for inspiring my “Across the Twitterverse” posts in the first place!

      • Debbie Burns

        No… thank YOU for creating Across the Twitterverse! I wouldn’t be tweeting if it wasn’t for your awesomeness!

  • Debbie Burns

    Great post, Liza! I’d never really thought about who I’m following. I don’t follow spambots, but otherwise I’ve felt it “necessary” to follow almost anyone who follows me. Thanks for chaning my mind! (Or maybe I should say for “giving me permission” to be a little more choosey and feel a little less guilty for not following back… I’ll be waiting for new peeps to tweet at me before I click the follow button!)

    I love this set of guidelines! Also clues me into the fact that I need to be utlizing some other Twitter features like Favorites. Had no idea anyone was looking at those! You never cease to amaze me, Twitter goddess Liza!

    • Well, it’s more like I don’t really notice who follows me until someone does talk to me, but I understand what you mean: take control of your Twitter experience and don’t feel “pressure” to follow back (ESPECIALLY when someone asks for a follow back…for some reason seeing someone say “follow back” sets my teeth on edge.)
      Secretly, I also use the favorites button as “twitter bookmarks”–I think I’ve used or at least planned to use all my favorited tweets in blog posts ;)
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • Debbie Burns

    PS.. LOVE the stockings photo! Need to get me a pair of those!

    • yes yes yes, LOVED that image! and I thought the same exact thing! :D

  • Many thanks from me to Liza for being such a great guest and to all of you have left your comments!

    Please do say hello on Twitter, I will be delighted to follow you all :-)

    • And thank YOU for being such a gracious host! I’m pleased that so many found the post helpful (or at least entertaining!)

  • Yes to all of this! I do the same. Before I follow, I take a peek at the feeds. First thing I look for- are they actually chatting and responding to tweets or are they just spamming their book, blog, product? I’ve run across plenty of accounts that are actual people, but they aren’t really using twitter. They’re just posting updates/thoughts like their account is nothing more than a college cork board by the library. I’m on twitter because I want to converse and learn!

    Also, those are stockings. Phew. I thought it was a really pale girl with a bad leg tattoo.

    • What a great image: “like a college cork board”–>that’s exactly what I think some of these twitter users do: they post and hope for a random person to stumble on a tweet of theirs, and then get frustrated because they don’t see Twitter as a helpful marketing tool at all. Whereas, if they were to interact and follow back, or otherwise be engaging, they will be able to weed out quality people from the ones who are just autofollowers or spam.
      Which is why I’m such a firm believer in quality of followers over the quantity! I have fewer followers than most, but I can depend on them to get the word out and share with their followers! That to me is as impactful than being directly followed by them all.
      LOL at the thought of a girl THAT pale!

  • Nika Dixon

    I clean out my lists regularly — many people sign up to follow and I follow back then they never post again. If I have conversations with people — regular conversations — I will follow.

    • You’ve reminded me that I REALLY need to clean up my lists! And yes, unfortunately, SO many people just drop off the twitterverse, so now I just wait till I have regular convos with tweeps BEFORE putting them on my lists!
      Thanks for sharing Nika! I’ll see you around Twitter ^_^

  • Sierra

    Great post Liza! You are a great example of why twitter is so awesome. Thanks for sharing that awesomeness with the rest of us! Now I’m going to sit down and figure out which of the above bullets I need to work on more. =)

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sierra! And, finding friends like you is definitely the number one reason why I love The Twitter!

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  • Roshni

    Is there any way how we can come to know who unfollowed us other than counting manually?

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  • You really hit the nail on the head Liza! My sentiments exactly! Thanks for sharing this enlightening post! Also just followed…great to meet you. ;D

    • Hi Kathy! Nice to meet you too!
      I’m glad you liked the post, and that you’ve experienced the same thing as I have!
      I look forward to tweeting with you, too!

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  • Chanchoman

    did you born yesterday?  IMAGE IS EVERYTHING, humans are hypocrite so the like to say image isnt everything… that’s sad.

    • Well, in the same sentence I *do* say that on Twitter image is everything, and that’s why uploading an image is important since having no image or the stock egg image is kinda creepy.
      It was a play on words to make a point. ;)
      Have a great day!
      (and no, image isn’t *everything*, because if a person can’t live up to his/her image the trust/rapport he/she tried to build will be damaged. That’s why “branding” is such a popular concept these days.)

  • Deon Fialkov

    Hi Liza

    How are you doing?  Thanks for a great well-written article.  The outlined points are very accurate and insightful.  I will definitely follow you.  I enjoy a creative mind.

    • Thanks for stopping by with your comment Deon, I was certainly delighted to have Liza as a guest on the blog :-)

  • Beth Morey

    Great post, Liza!  I completely agree with your assessment.  Especially because all of this stuff laid the foundation for us to get to know each other!  I’m so grateful for that. 

    • Liza Kane

      Thank you Beth! And yes, I am so happy that we met on Twitter and developed a wonderful friendship because of it! I’m grateful you’re in my life! ^_^