The Top 10 Blog Interview With….. @2cre8

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Kathy Meyer as the subject of this weeks Interview.

Kathy, known to many as @2cre8 has such a positive presence on Twitter as was proved by the popularity of her previous appearance on the blog with Top 10 Twitter Revelations, just glance to your right to see it sitting proudly at the top of the ‘Most Popular’ charts as evidence of that.

Just a super person to follow, you can connect with Kathy on Twitter by clicking on the image below.

If you were stranded on a desert island and were allowed one luxury item what would it be and why?

Why a jet plane of course so I could get the hell off of there! It would be fully loaded with the latest tech gadgets including a flotation device for the plane. Could it be equipped with a pilot too ha ha! ;D

Do you have any phobias?

Everyone I know just loves them, but I have this thing about roller coasters – I just don’t like them. I tried it a couple times and got terribly nauseous. (Editors note; She’s going to love this one then!)

Who inspires you and why?

That’s an awfully difficult question to answer since I’ve met so many people and read about so many people (famous or otherwise) who are truly inspirational. I think everyday people of any age who, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, still manage to go out there and consistently strive towards bettering their lives and inspiring others.

Which animal would you most like to be and why?

Although not a real animal, I would probably like to be the mythological creature ‘Pegasus’, not bound by land or sea only. I love that it symbolizes strength, wisdom and artistic inspiration.

What is the one thing in life that irritates you the most and why?

Ignorance. It’s all too prevalent in this world. It causes hurtful decisions and actions, unwarranted intolerance and hatred.

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Ooh I would definitely be the ‘supreme being’ like ‘Leeloo’ in the movie The Fifth Element. Sort of the new ‘Superwoman’ for the 21st century saving the world from evil!

What do you think you will be doing in 10 years time?

I can’t begin to fathom 10 years, let alone 5 years. But I know I’ll definitely be working, dabbling in some sort of entrepreneur endeavor and forever learning. Hopefully also doing a lot of traveling in between and supporting childrens causes!

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

Seafood – I love seafood! Sushi, lobster, shrimp, crab, fish – you name it, I’m there!

You are holding a dinner party and you can invite 3 people (living or historical), who would you invite and why?

Hmmm – another tough one! First, I would probably invite Albert Einstein just to hear and marvel at the sheer brilliance of the man. Next I would invite Canadian interior designer Candice Olson since I admire her work and we share similar taste and the love of design. (Plus I’d love for her to redo my kitchen ha ha!) And lastly, for the benefit of my son, I would invite Lou Gehrig. Most career grand slams and voted as the greatest first baseman of all time! Quite a cast of characters wouldn’t you say?! (A close third would be Steve Jobs, Claude Monet or Ansel Adams.)

Can you tell us one thing about yourself which would surprise people who know you?

I love martial arts – particularly kung fu! I remember as a young girl going to Chinatown with a friend and in one afternoon watching 2 or 3 in a row! You know, those old kung fu movies where the lips move in perfect sync with the voice ha ha! Classics! I think I loved them so because of the underlying message of good vs. evil. I’m always rooting for the underdog – that’s me!

Many thanks Kathy for your thoughtful and entertaining answers.

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Thank you.

* Image credits

Pegasus – Dierk Schaefer Flickr

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  • That’s a GREAT superhero choice! We need to see more of her. ;)

    • Thanks Kathryn…yeah, love that character in The Fifth Element. Really cool! ;D

  • Thanks again Tony…it was a lot of fun! BTW – Thought that “rollercoaster” video would NEVER end ha ha! ;D

    • My pleasure Kathy, thanks for being such a willing victim, you mean you watched it all the way through? Respect!!

  • Love it! And you’re right Tony, Kathy is so positive and super helpful she totally stands out! Kathy – uhm, I’m right there with you about rollercoasters. Just thinking about it makes me want to puke. LOL

    • Aww, thanks so much Elena! And it’s so good to hear I’m not the only one that feels that way about rollercoasters too! ha ha! ;D

  • Anonymous

    Great interview!

    I can say as someone that has really only been active on Twitter for less then a year that Kathy has really been of great help to me learning to get the most out the “Twitter experience.” Not only with all the super helpful content in her stream and her willingness to reach out directly – but by example.

    I have enjoyed learning more about the delightful Kathy Meyer.

    • Wow Kevin…thanks for your wonderful comment! It’s been so amazing meeting you on Twitter! And despite being relatively new, you’ve really impressed me with not only your posts but also how kind and genuine you are! That’s what social media is all about! Keep rockin’ it! ;D

  • Richard Darell

    Always a pleasure following Kathy. I try to converse with her every chance I get but time doesn’t always work in my favor. A brilliant girl with a lot of future and I strongly believe that we will see her succeed beyond everyone’s expectations. Nice read! Thanks!

    • Wow…it’s sooo nice to see you here Richard! Thanks so much for those kind words! I think we have a small window of opportunity to talk given the time difference, but it’s always so nice when we connect! #YouRock! ;D

  • Anonymous

    ;) Love this!!!!!

    • Aww…thanks Nini! Such a pleasure to see you here! ;D

  • Tony’s interviews are always fun, and Kathy is a great choice, loved your answers (((HUGS)))

    • Hi Kevin, I agree…Tony’s interviews are so fun to read! Thanks so much Kevin! *Hugs backatcha!!* ;D

    • Thanks Kevin, such fun ‘interviewing’ all you interesting people :-)

  • Fantastic Kathy and Tony, nice collaboration here! Glad to hear your future holds entrepreneur endeavors and forever learning. x

    • Hey Tina – Always so good to see you! Thank you! ♥ Yup…never stop exploring and learning! Keeps us forever young! ;D

  • Cheri Allbritton

    Kathy is such a cool lady! I’m proud to call her my friend! (Not to mention she’s a wealth of knowledge!)

    • Wow, thanks so much Cheri! I have to say the same about you! #YouRock!! XO

      • You rock Kathy!! I really enjoyed reading this about you. I’m very privileged and honored to have connected with you on Twitter.

        Thank you for being YOU ;)

        • Wow thanks so much Mahei! You are truly an inspiration to me and to all your followers! (And Facebook too now!) #YouRockIt! ;D

  • Kathy has been a remarkable personality and the greatest friend for very long time. If people ask me to see example of Great people in twitter the first name comes to my mind is her name. I was expected to see her interview earlier than many others but nevertheless Tony did another great job Interviewing her!

    • Ruhani…so great of you to comment! Such an honor! My first Twitter friend and mentor…I’ll never forget! You always come to mind when I think of GREAT Twitter personalities and I’m so glad we connected! #YouRockAlways!! ♥ ;D

  • Barryck R

    The first day I had the chance to talk with Kathy, We went on this crazy laugh that didn’t want to stop. LOL, she is a cool person to know, very creative and always sharing incredible content. Ok now that I said sweet words Can you please take me with you in your “dabbling in some sort of entrepreneur endeavor and forever learning.”?? LOL

    Love to you and to Tony! Mouah!

    • Ha ha! I remember that Barryck! That was the post you collaborated with @glitterglitz! Great stuff! Thank you so much for your kind words! Yeah, that’s me…a small biz with big ideas. My hubby can’t keep up with it all ha ha! ♥ ;D