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I am delighted to welcome Debra Cincioni as this week’s Interview guest.  Debra, who may be better known to you as @MomsofAmerica has a great presence on Twitter with her fun connections and consistently entertaining and informative Tweets and links.

Debra, who was listed as one of Twitters Top 75 Badass Women by Bit Rebels, is a great supporter of others and just loves to get involved as is proved by her frequent appearances in the Twitter Sing-Ups. (Clearly has better vocal skills than many of us who take part!)

You can find out more about Debra and connect on Twitter by clicking on the image below and at her Never Underestimate a Mother blog.

If you were stranded on a desert island and were allowed one luxury item what would it be and why?

I am assuming that “stranded” means I have no means of leaving this island so an ocean- going yacht or a plane is out of the question…so is a French press with coffee beans a luxury item? : ) Well, I will take that as a no as I didn’t hear your response!

Ok, I will answer the question with my perceived view of what a luxury item is!  Here goes –  A customized solar and wind powered RV, complete with a water filtration and desalination system, food stores and a satellite communication system..! : ) Now don’t ask me how it got on this island with me or I will launch into another tale that began with that ocean-going yacht! : )

Do you have any phobias?

Yes I do! Questions! : ) Seriously, I don’t have any phobias. There are things that I fear, such as flying…but as long as I have on my wings I’m fine. : ) My fear of flying does not stop me from doing so.

Who inspires you and why?

Richard Branson…Because he is a successful man who has worked hard to be where he is and even though he has millions of dollars and celebrity status, he still has a heart that cares for everyone and treats each and every person as an equaland not just for the camera…oh by the way – he owns a desert island. Can I change islands?! ; 0 )

Which animal would you most like to be and why?

An Eagle. They soar free and majestic above the earth and have a dignity about them that one can sense as well as visually observe…

What is the one thing in life that irritates you the most and why?

Being judged as clueless…Why? Because when I am genuine, enthusiastic and childlike in my approach to life, some people mistakenly assume that I am shallow and, like a child, lacking in knowledge. No one is one dimensional and we each have many facets of our intellect and personality that we use and to be dismissed as clueless when one smiles, laughs or finds wonder in the most mundane moment is very irritating…

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

I would have the power to awaken everyone to the love within them…Thus enabling them to love themselves and others unconditionally. The resulting self confidence and self esteem would cause them to flourish and like the sun itself, would spread out to others around them…like lighting candles in a dark cave….it would illuminate us all!

What do you think you will be doing in 10 years time?

Taking things moment to moment and finding joy in all things…and of course, trying to be the super hero I mentioned above!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Reading all day long! : )

You are holding a dinner party and you can invite 3 people (living or historical), who would you invite and why?

Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Branson. Why? Jesus was a spiritual master; to even be allowed to speak at length with Him would be enlightening.  I could elaborate on this but what I have said is all that is needed…Jefferson was a master statesman, writer, architect, musician and thinker who also had a spiritual mastery…and Branson is a modern day Renaissance man; a thinker who takes chances and an entrepreneur who is an excellent transformational leader. The impressive part is that he accomplishes all of this with heart and a sense of humor. Oh! He is also a Star Trek fan! : )

To be able to listen and discuss life with these three would be beyond brilliant!

Can you tell us one thing about yourself which would surprise people who know you?

I like to be alone and in a quiet space. : ) also I am a martial artist who is out of practice! : ) New Years resolution is to go back more often to the dojang.

Many thanks Debra for agreeing to be an interview victim and for your entertaining and revealing answers.  If you have any questions or comments for Debra please do let us know.

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  • Awesome Debra, it is hard to imagine you with a quiet place :-)

  • Hi Debra – I knew you were awesome! And clueless…never! OMG AND a martial artists (though admittedly out of practice)…how cool! Woman, you are quite impressive! Great to know you even better now. #YouRock!! ;D

  • Love ya, Deb! Thanks Tony for doing this. Terri

  • Gina SuuperG Stark

    Tony! I love Debra and I love this interview. It highlights her very fun yet always thoughtful approach to life and people and questions! There ain’t NO WAY this woman fears questions :) With her writing, singing, kicking-assness, loving and other talents, I’d venture to say she is a Renaissance woman of sorts. She is an inspiration and I’m so happy to see her illuminated on your fabulous blog! xoxo G

  • Sandanyi

    Debra that is not fair you took that quiet place that I used to hang out in! Give it back now! o.k. great lets share! I love sharing like you! shhhh quiet please! hugs

    San Dan Yi

  • Even though I knew it all along.. But now People get to know how amazing Deb is :) :) Nice interview Tony!

  • OK now we all know who to walk down dark alleys with. Back to the dojang :)

    LOVE this interview with you Debra!!

    Great interview Tony!

  • Many thanks to Debra for her super answers and to all you for taking the time to leave your comments : )

  • Was a good interview, Richard Branson is also my entrepreneur idol.

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