The Top 10 Blog Interview with…Santa

What a coup for the Top 10 Blog! The stellar Christmas Star and legend in his own lifetime, Santa Claus, has agreed to answer our piercing questions to give you a glimpse of the real man behind the beard.

Whether you know him as Santa, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle this is a man who has touched many of our lives as children and who continues to enchant youngsters across the world.

How typical of the man to take time out from his hectic schedule to share his thoughts with us! (Unfortunately there are no images of the real Santa but he did send us this picture of his hat!)

Santa Claus

If you were stranded on a desert island and were allowed one luxury item what would it be and why?

This might seem like a simple question but it raises a deep philosophical dilemma for me namely, is an Elf a luxury! I love my elves aka Santa’s little helpers, there is no doubt in my mind that many Christmas presents would remain undelivered without their input. They are magical little folk and having one with me on the island would make life very bearable so that would be my choice.  But to describe them as a luxury doesn’t seem right, a little demeaning, they would be my companion, my ‘Elf Friday’ if you like.

So the solution to my dilemma? Take the elf anyway and also a fridge full of cold beer, sorted!

I would have loved to share a picture of my favourite but Elves are naturally shy creatures, this was as much as I was allowed to show! Sorry.

Do you have any phobias?

I have a morbid fear of naughty children, I just can’t abide the little horrors and refuse to pander to their wishes.

Who inspires you and why?

Tim Burton! I just love the Nightmare Before Christmas and I just wish that occasionally, maybe just once to see what it feels like, I could be more like the way Jack Skellington was as Santa.

Don’t misunderstand me, I wouldn’t want to scare any children, it just looks such fun! We all need to throw off the restraints that bind us once in a while and this is what inspires me, come on Tim, I am waiting by the phone :-)

Which animal would you most like to be and why?

I suppose you all think I would say a Reindeer but how predictable would that be? I spend so much of my time freezing cold that I yearn to be able to swim freely in a warm ocean so it just has to be a dolphin. Imagine the perks, as much fish as I can eat, an endless supply of admiring tourists who aren’t expecting gifts in return for being good, the sun on my back and no deadlines, bliss!

What is the one thing in life that irritates you the most and why?

People who block up their chimneys! What do they expect me to do, break down the door??

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Now lets have a think! I can fly with the aid of my amazing reindeer, I can squeeze down chimneys of any size despite my rather portly girth, I have the ability to be all over the world at any given moment, that’s quite a lot of superpowers to be going on with but if you push me….

I would like to be able to clone myself so I could have Christmas off and disappear to that rather intriguing sounding desert island for a bit of winter sunshine.

What do you think you will be doing in 10 years time?

Same old routine I guess although I do have some tentative plans to expand over the next few years. I would like to muscle in on the Tooth Fairy’s territory, it just looks so simple and it’s not seasonal work. I would also like to let the darker side of my personality flex it’s muscles, I hear the Bogeyman is looking to start a franchise, that might be cool.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

Hmm, tricky! I would have said whisky but I guess that’s no secret with the amount you leave out for me (thank you)  So I guess it will be TV, not that I like watching re runs of The Waltons and White Christmas as you might expect.

No, it has to be stuff like My Super Sweet 16, Kendra and Keeping Up With the Kardashians! My all time favourite though has to be Fashion Police, come on Joan, tell it like it is, do you like red with white trimmings, what about bushy white beards? Let me have both barrels, I am man enough!

Which historical character would you most like to meet and why?

It would have to be Charles DickensI would love to discuss where the inspiration for A Christmas Carol came from, was there a bit of Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens that was purged by the writing of the story? Could he not have given me a more clearly defined role in the piece?

Can you tell us one thing about yourself which would surprise people who know you?

I was once arrested for breaking and entering! It was clearly due to a misunderstanding and I was soon released without charge (Thanks to a clever lawyer)  I look at this memento of the occasion from time to time to remind myself how fickle life can be.

Thanks Santa for opening up about yourself, what an insight into such an enigmatic and mysterious character.

With best wishes to you all from Tony at The Top 10 Blog. Here’s hoping you have a super holiday season.

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  • Anonymous

    Too funny!! Gonna share this for sure!

    • Thanks Allie, he was hard to pin down but I think it worked well in the end :-)

  • Gina SuuperG Stark

    Ho Ho Ho!!! A belly full of laughs and cheer! Thank you, Tenny, for this insight into a delightful jolly man! ;) xoxo Gina

  • This is too cute, Tony! Thanks for sharing it over at Bloggers Unite! on G+ (shameless plug). Happy holidays to you, Friend!

    • Thanks Jayme – I thought is was a good time to let this one see the light of day again! best wishes to you and yours :-)

  • Pretty Sweet, indeed! I thought I saw my Momma doing the foxtrot with Santa one night!

    • Ha Ha – thanks for the kind comment Amber-Lee :-)