Top 10 American Civil War Blogs

A really interesting and informative guest post today from Laurel Sarfan.  Laurel  is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on online degrees from accredited colleges for Guide to Online Schools.

The Civil War is an important historical event that has captured the attention of countless individuals. Not only was the war a monumental event that forever changed the structure and culture of the United States, but details about the war are very interesting to learn about as well. With the dawn of the Internet, blogs and sites covering the intricacies of the Civil War have popped up all over the Web, and some of them are quite informative.

After sifting through many of these sites, I have compiled a list of what I feel are the top 10 Civil War blogs currently active on the Internet . Browse through them at your leisure and hopefully, you’ll learn something new.  Just click on the images and links to visit these sites.

Civil War Battlefields

This interesting blog about the Civil War battles and battle re-enactments is written by an avid Civil War researcher who has been touring battlefields for over 20 years. The posts describe different battles and battle reenactments, including a discussion of the context for the battles and then recounting the details of the reenactment. The author obviously has a lot of passion and experience, making his posts interesting and fun to read.

My Favorite Post: “Bentonville 145th–Morris Farm”

Civil War Bookshelf

Civil War Bookshelf is intellectual and brutally honest, covering material from passionate book reviews to witty discussions of other historians’ opinions. An interesting feature of his blog is that the author frequently uses figures and incidents during the Civil War to shed light on current political events.

My Favorite Post: “Winfield Scott in 2010”

Civil War Librarian

Well-written and thorough, the posts on Civil War Librarian discuss a wide range of Civil War material, from recent history journal articles to news about Civil War-related events. Another great feature of this blog is that it provides Civil War book reviews from multiple sources to provide informative, comprehensive reviews for the blog’s readers.

My Favorite Post: “Novel–Nathan Bedford Forrest, Vulgar and Haunted”

Civil War Medicine

This interesting blog about Civil War medicine is penned by Jim Schmidt, a chemist and published author. His unique background makes for a great blog, as Schmidt can knowledgeably write and review resources discussing the details of medicine during the Civil War in a way that is easy for readers to understand. In addition to this information, he posts other remarkable materials such as original letters about illnesses from the Civil War era.

My Favorite Post: “Civil War Medicine (and Writing): Period Civil War Pension Ephemera from the “Schmidt Collection” #4 – A Veteran in an Ohio Military Home”

Civil War Notebook

With biographies of fascinating individuals and articles from primary sources of the Civil War era, this blog paints a fascinating and detailed picture of the time period. One of the best aspects about this blog is that it provides little-known facts that add depth and complexity to the less publicized aspects of the war.

My Favorite Post: “Emancipation”

Civil War Women Blog

Informative and detailed, this blog focuses on women of the Civil War era. The author writes about these women’s biographies and stories, including facts about the ways in which they pushed for women’s rights and details about how they lived during the time period of the Civil War.

My Favorite Post: “Varina Davis”

My Civil War Obsession

This thoughtful compilation of book reviews, discussions of recent articles, and re-printed poems and stories is a great resource for interesting materials relating to the Civil War. Just the right amount of commentary is added to these materials to provoke readers with thoughtful questions and comments.

My Favorite Post: “Some pro-John C Freemont Feelings in 1856”

Rantings of a Civil War Historian

Written by Eric Wittenberg, an attorney and acclaimed published historian, this engaging blog about the Civil War is blunt, sassy, and smart. Wittenberg’s posts focus on the Union Calvary, but he also includes discussions of topics such as Civil War re-enactments, answers readers’ questions, and writes profiles of historical figures during the Civil War.

My Favorite Post: “Albert Jenkins’ Brigade at Gettysburg”

Teaching the Civil War with Technology

This blog was created to explain and exemplify how teachers can use technology to effectively teach the Civil War. Technological resources are provided and intended for teachers to help students fully understand the Civil War era. Other individuals who are interested in the Civil War can also access the resources provided, making this blog a really great place to learn about the war via technology.

My Favorite Post: “Watch Gettysburg Battlefield Walks on PCN”

Touch the Elbow

Started in June 2006, this blog is a well-informed collaboration by the three authors of The Civil War Research Guide. It focuses primarily on the American Civil War and consists of a wide variety of posts from personal experiences of historical monuments to commentary on recent news relating to the Civil War.

My Favorite Post: “Praise the Praise Houses”

Many thanks to Laurel for a fascinating and detailed Top 10.  I hope you all enjoy browsing these interesting sites, please do let Laurel know what you think.