Top 10 Best Alien and UFO Pictures

I am pleased to welcome a new guest to the blog today namely Joel from Alien-UFO Research Joel has put together 2 Top 5’s of images taken over the years of Aliens and UFO’s.  If you want to find out more about this interesting site just click on the link or the image below.

Pictures of aliens and UFOs are often grainy, far away, or just looks plain fake. Here’s a top ten list of the best public alien and UFO pictures in the world.


5. Alien Picture Taken in Chile

This seemingly innocent picture was taken in Chile by a lady who never saw the two to three foot alien behind the left horse until she had the pictures developed. She was so shocked that she released it across the internet.

4. Alien at the DNI

This is an image from a video of a captured alien at the office of the DNI (Director of National Intelligence). Supposedly the man talking in the video, which can be seen here second video down, is the man that smuggled the video out and made it public. The alien was thought to have died shortly after the video was taken.

3. Alien Caught on Camera in Mexico

This is a picture from a set of pictures taken in Mexico. It is not known who the camera man was but he got away and the pictures have gone public.

2. Grey Alien on Hidden Hunter Camera

Here’s a picture of a grey alien caught on film by a hunters camera somewhere in North America. Hunters set up cameras in the woods that take images when something goes by in order to get a good idea of animal patterns. When he developed the film this time this was one of the pictures he got.

1. Dying Captured Alien

This is a very good close up picture of an alien right before it’s death and autopsy. It’s unknown where this facility is and when the picture was taken but it’s clarity is amazing making it one of the best alien pictures.


5. UFO from 1952

Although this picture isn’t very good it is still a very famous UFO picture of when strange ships hovered over Washington restricted air space in 1952. The Government denied it happened but there were thousands of witnesses.

4. Close up UFO

This is a close up of a traditional flying saucer picture. It’s origin is unknown but pretty good for a dated picture.

3. UFO Caught on Security Camera

A Mexican security camera caught a picture of this UFO in the summer of 1997. There were numerous witnesses to the UFO sighting and the Mexican Government looked into the picture and then it just sort of disappeared.

2. Triangle UFO

Here is one of the best triangle UFO pictures out there that really represent what these triangle UFOs look like. These are the same as the ones seen over Phoenix known as the Phoenix lights.

1. Russian UFO Crash

This is a famous picture taken from Russia in 1969 when the Russian Government found a crashed UFO in Sverdlovsk, Russia. They taped there arrival and some of the inspection of the craft. In the video which can be seen here you can see where it came crashing through the trees and the Russian scientists studying the UFO.

Many thanks Joel, do you have any images that you have taken where you think you might have captured an alien moment, if so please let us know.

  • Joel

    Thanks again for letting me have the opportunity to show the world these pictures. I can’t wait to see what people think.

  • HaloReach

    i find the pic of the aliens in mexico kinda creepy

  • Weltgeist13

    They just wanted some salsa, k? geez. . . lol’z, k JK (bad joke)
    ; }
    I know for sure #3 is legit taken on camera by a witness. That one is real
    as for the rest? not so sure, though 2 looks good & 5 is legit.. 3 at the top,
    the one at the Whitehouse in 52′. But the triangle craft is definitely military of sorts
    hard to say if that is ET at all. I do believe & have for a long time. Thanx for posting them

  • 1whoknows

    well well now your getting the point

  • Endosperit

    hi im Dan an im a big ufo watcher i guess but i do feel that many of the things we get is of our own made an yet i also think that their is more to as in from deep space or maybe with in the layers of our own planet if that makes secnce for exampel same time same place but different reality. idk but i wont to beleave

    thanks again

    Dan ” Endosperit “

  • Suhail06761

    omb! this is creepy!

  • 17sjohnson5

    i wonder if its a hoax

  • Zulkarnaen, Diko


  • Gay

    what a load of bollocks XD guys really stop watching the x files

  • Russian0777

    when you see this face- you will change underwear !  about 3 feet tall, slender body, GREY HUMANOID !! Something to do with the full moon and 8pm…
    Zoom into pic where x and y meet- 2meter shot after the hair on my back spiked.
     19h00 to 20h00 moon shots, 20h01 tree shake behind me !!!!!

  • Checotahfriday

    they all look fake exept maybe the last two pics of the alien faces might b a bit beliveable but hey any good mask maker can make that up as for the ufo pics i belive its just the government with there high tech crafts they r making doin this on purpose for us to think there is aliens here im not sayin there ant but cme on if aliens wanted to they can go undedected i belive its just the gov wantin us to stay interested

  • Yoyo

    If they are all , they are all amazing

  • mutenhesanwa

    Don’t believe all this..

  • Sean1042

    Wow. I killed an alien once and it was the one in captivity

  • Antonio da Costa

    real or not thay have been there for a very very long time tree dimantional or others and they are watching us and nobody does nothing

  • nicole

    i feel like most of these pictures are made up…and people just photoshop them nd pt them on the internet to get attention…i may be mistaken but that is just my opinion

  • Web Dom

    Thanks for the info. One video that should be in is the Jeff Peckman alien footage. Video link below.

  • Sausage chops

    Here’s a alien type face caught in a orb trail

  • Tim Tempest

    nice collection of fake & un sourced ufo photographs