Top 10 Best Childrens TV Characters

Who were your favourite childrens TV Characters?

This one has taken me back to my youth and as you will see that is quite a long way.

I am defining characters as non human for this one, I will return to human characters in a future Top 10.

1) Pob

Pob’s Programme was a childrens TV show shown in the United Kingdom in the 80’s featuring Pob, a character who would, at the beginning of every show breathe all over the screen and write his name in it. It has become more famous as many people mistakenly thought Pob was spitting over the screen.

Quite hard to find Pob now as there is very little archive material which is a shame as Pob was a wonderful character.

2)Paddington Bear

Created by Michael Bond, Paddington came from ‘Deepest, Darkest Peru’ and was just hooked on marmalade sandwiches.

The original books were published in 1958 but it was not until 1975 that the first TV episodes appeared.  All 56 episodes were narrated using the wonderfully distinctive voice of Sir Michael Hordern. These were followed by three half hour television specials, including “Paddington Goes to the Movies” in which Paddington was seen dancing the famous Gene Kelly routine from “Singing in the Rain”.

Mischievous and gentle, Paddington reappeared as an animated character in 1990 but it was never as good as the original.

3) Twizzle

Now this one is going back a bit and not everyone will know of Twizzle. Produced by the great Gerry Anderson in 1957, Twizzle was a ‘living’ boy doll who could extend his limbs to amazing lengths.

He escaped from the clutches of the horrible Sally Cross and went on to have adventures with some great friends including Jiffy the Broomstick Man and Thin Teddy Bear.

Twizzle went on to have 52 episodes in 1957 and 1958.  Gerry Anderson met his future wife Sylvia while filming the series and they of course went on to great things.

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4) Spotty Dog

Spotty Dog was a character from the Woodentops, one of the Watch with Mother Series first seen in 1955. Described as ‘the very biggest spotty dog you ever did see’, this animal is one of the earliest memories that I have.

Unusual movements but loyal and funny, I really used to look forward to Friday which was Woodentops days.

5) Shaun the Sheep

Bang up to date with Shaun who surely is too good for children.

A spin off from the wonderful Wallace and Gromit, Shaun’s adventures with his friends in the farmyard are always a good watch, completely mad storylines and as ever with Aardman it is the small details and the background action that add to the entertainment.

Has just won BFI award as best children’s animation.

6) Yogi Bear

Yogi made his debut in 1958 as a supporting character in Hanna and Barbera’s Huckleberry Hound Show.  He soon went on to have his own show in which, with his dim side kick Boo Boo, he terrorised the poor Ranger Smith in Jellystone park.

Great turn of phrase and not as clever as he thought!

7) The Clangers

Originally broadcast from 1969 – 1972 on the BBC, the Clangers are a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small grey planet in dark space.  They speak in whistles, and eat green soup harvested by the Soup Dragon.

From the pen of Oliver Postgate who produced many great childrens series, the Clangers with their whistling voices have become an iconic part of TV history.

8) Ivor the Engine

A forerunner to Thomas the Tank Engine I suppose, Ivor was another one from Oliver Postgate.

Originally in black and white and narrated by the gentle tones of Mr Postgate himself, these tales of Ivor and his many fascinating friends are a reminder of the more gentle type of children’s entertainment in the 1950’s and 60’s.

9) Sweep

I am going back to the original which was first produced by Harry Corbett in 1952.  I was never a fan of Sooty but Sweep had something about him that I took to.

I think it was the squeaky voice which made him more interesting than Sooty who would just whisper in Harry’s ear.  Sweep (and Sooty) have lasted well over the years appearing with a number of companions including Matthew, Harry’s son.

Even royalty were fans!

10 Makka Pakka

Thank you to the grand children for introducing me to ‘In the Night Garden’.

There is something about Makka Pakka that I really like.  I think it is the fact that he only ever seems to need to say his name to communicate and I am quite envious of his lifestyle as described on the BBC website;

‘One of the smallest characters in the garden, Makka Pakka likes nothing more than collecting and washing little stones. He also enjoys washing and drying the faces of the other toys.’

Oh to have such a simple life.

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  • Hector Sloan

    Good choices on the top 10 list, but I want to cast my vote for Hector The Friendly Collector!…. Darn… That just might be a conflict of interest, but I’m trying to get some recognition for the new “kid” on the block!

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