Top 10 Best Twilight Saga Moments


With the release of the latest part of Stephanie Meyer’s best selling series, Breaking Dawn, upon us, what an opportune time to share a ‘Twilight’ Top 10 with you.

10. Bella and Jacob Kiss

Although most of the romantic moments are shared by Bella and Edward, when Jacob forces an unexpected kiss on Bella it causes a moment of great confusion. The tension is building towards the new-born vampires battle in the third instalment Eclipse, when Jacob surprises Bella with a kiss forcing her to question her feelings for him. It’s snowing, tense and emotional, making it number 10 in my Top 10 Moments.

9. Trip to Volterra

It’s the closing stages of New Moon, Edward believes Bella is dead and travels to Italy to ask the Volturi (vampire lawmakers/royalty) to end his life. Alice and Bella enter in to a frantic race to stop him, ending in Volterra home of the Volturi. A gripping end to both the book and the movie, Bella comes face to face with the haunting Volturi for the first time with near disastrous consequences.

8. The Wedding

Yet to be shown on screen, the wedding of Edward and Bella takes place early in Breaking Dawn. Set in the garden of the Cullen’s house, the ceremony is beautifully described in the book and is one of the most eagerly anticipated moments to see translated on to the big screen.

7. Edward saves Bella

Bella is shopping in Port Angeles when as usual trouble finds her. A group of men begin hassling her, she is poised to fight when Edward arrives on scene to rescue her. One of the most dramatic moments of the first movie of the saga, the scene was perfectly portrayed on screen. The moment is made even better by the following dinner between the two where Edward reveals he can hear people’s thoughts.

6. Bella confronts Jacob

After Edward deserts Bella leaving her devastated and struggling to function, Jacob becomes her saviour. So when he too cuts off contact from her suddenly, Bella is desperate to find answers. In an emotion fuelled scene in the pouring rain, Bella confronts Jacob about his absence but comes away more confused than ever. The scene is one of the highlights of the movie adaptation of New Moon with stunning cinematography and score accompanying great performances.

5. The Final Battle

The ultimate climax to the saga comes at the end of Breaking Dawn when the Volturi travel to Forks to confront the Cullens. The Cullens have built something of an army themselves however, in the hope of saving themselves from the might of the powerful Volturi, recruiting fellow vampires with some special powers. However in the end, it is Bella who holds the key to their strength in a surprising twist.

4. Bella’s Pregnant

During their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn, Bella comes to the slow realisation she is pregnant, and more importantly that this is no normal pregnancy! At first mistaking her symptoms for food poisoning, upon seeing her already swelling stomach, Bella is forced to realise she is having a baby.. and fast. One of the most shocking moments of the entire saga, the twist to the story is massively unexpected. Speculation continues as to how the scenes will be handled for the movie adaptation.

3. The Baseball Game

A seemingly innocent game of baseball turns from family fun to mortal peril for Bella in Twilight. The game involving the Cullens and Bella, is interrupted by roaming vampires Victoria, Laurent and James who upon discovering Bella is human sets out on a deadly hunt to kill her. Both and the book and movie switch in an instant from fun and games to a frantic chase which leads to an atmospheric face off between James and Edward in Bella’s old ballet studio.

2. Bella becomes a vampire

The ‘will she wont she’ storyline is brought to an abrupt and dramatic close in Breaking Dawn where a reluctant Edward is forced to change Bella in to a vampire to save her life during child birth. From the moment Bella discovered Edward’s secret, she too has wanted nothing more than to become a fellow vampire and finally she got her wish, if in slightly unexpected circumstances when her life is threatened by the birth of daughter Renesmee. As is discovered later in the book, the change to a vampire is essential to fend off an attack by the Volturi. This is another scene that will doubtlessly cause a headache for the director of Breaking Dawn Bill Condon.

1. Bella and Edward Meet

Although the first meeting of Bella and Edward is less than successful, the first time they speak is an integral moment in the story. Their first tentative conversations in Biology class are the beginnings of the entire love story that ensues and therefore earn their place at number 1 in the countdown! For the most part this scene remains particularly faithful to the book, and is handled to perfection both by director Catherine Hardwicke and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. An unforgettable moment!

Do you have your own Twilight moments? If you do please let us know.

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