Top 10 Launchers for Android


I am delighted to welcome Tito Salgado back as a guest with a must read Top 10 for all you Android users. Tito has previously featured on the blog with his Top 10 Cydia Apps and Top 10 iPhone Apps.

If you would like to find out more about Tito I recommend a visit to his excellent iTito Themes Blog. You can also connect with him on Twitter @TheSkepticalGuy and @ititothemesblog.

1. Golauncher EX

Go launcher is the best launcher for your Android phone, it includes Free Themes and weather widgets

2. ADW launcher

This is one of most used launchers for android Phones with tons of themes to download.

3. Regina 3D launcher

An SPB like Launcher, this launcher has a 3D homecsreen view just like SPB Shell 3D.

4. MX Home T

A wooden launcher with kool icon animations.

5. Launcher 7

Launcher7 makes your Android mimic a Windows Phone 7.

6. Helauncher (No longer available on the Android Market)

Helauncher will make your Android homescreen look like a HTC or Motorola Phone.

7. PandaHome

PandaHome is also one of the best looking launchers for android with tons of free themes.

8. Open Home (No longer available on the Android Market)

Open Home is one of the best and most popular launchers on the android market.

9. SPB Shell 3D

This paid Launcher will make your android phone look kooler then other Launchers but the only drawback is the price of $15 dollars.

10. Crazy Home Pro

Crazy Home screen replacement it’s also very kool with lots of kool looking themes and features.

Many thanks to Tito for his excellent Top 10 compilation, if you have any other favourites please do let us know.

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    There’s a load of dead links on this article, can anyone please update it?

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       Update will be coming soon and sorry for the Late Reply.

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    ill choose Golauncher.

  • Karina

    Yes these are all very good launchers. But you may be interested in checking out the Rabbit Launcher…it is still very new…but it is quite light and fast despite having great 3D effects. And it’s free, too.