Top 10 Must Have PC Software


I am delighted to welcome Bariq Rifki with this guest post. If you would like to connect with Bariq you can find him on Twitter @BarryckR

Ok to properly use a computer, we all need software right? I was big time looking for the best in every field, going from the security to the downloads Managers. :) I Did my best to consider the best out of the bunch I had In my mind, but after all, I asked myself what Software am I using, and why not share them all with you? So here are the top 10 must have PC Software. Please click on the images to visit these sites.

BitDefender Internet Security

A software that I use personally, very powerful, I set it up 3 years back and believe me I’ve never had any problems!

Adobe Reader (Free)

The well-known PDF Reader

CDBurner XP

CDBurner XP, has all the features that Nero has but this time in free. Easy to use and equipped with features such as ISO burning, a must!

Mozilla Firefox

The most famous browser in recent years and also the most customizable! It gives the possibility to install beautiful themes, and provides incredible extensions…


Or the easiest videoconferencing software! Uses Peer To Peer (P2P) to work, so no problems of: “saturated servers”.


Ok guyz, my post would have been incomplete without this software! If you are a member in the twitverse you will need to download and start using it. You can set streams as much as you want, going from home feed to even search keys feed! Giants in Twitter use it such as Diana Adams —- (download it now now now!!!)


The Gimp

This Software incorporates the main features of Photoshop, And freeeee.

VLC Media Player

The most complete multimedia player. Contains many codecs to play all video formats!

Internet Download Manager

IDM allows downloading faster some files, shuts down the computer after downloads, resume downloads if they have previously failed.


Many thanks to Bariq for his guest post.  If you like poetry be sure to check out his previous offering Top 10 Poets in English Literature.

  • Barryck R

    What an honor to be featured once more in this beautiful Blog, thank you Tony for your unbeatable support.

  • Tony Hastings

    The pleasure is all mine Bariq, thanks for supplying the material, I just make it look pretty :-)

  • Gaming PC

    Great article Tony, I’ve always been a huge fan of TuneUp Utilities, love the features and optimising that you can perform. Am familiar with all the others apart from BitDefender which I may just check out to see how it fairs. :)

  • Barryck R

    thank you so much for the comment, bitdefender is in my opinion the best for the Internet security, it’s an easy software that handles all the features needed, it may seem in the beginning that it’s difficult but believe me, its waaaaay easier than the other antivirus you would know.

  • Maqsood Ahmed


  • Pushkar Khedekar

    nyc article although….i had most of ‘em…but came 2 now a gr8 deal bout d cd burner,the gimp…..thanz a tonne… :D ;)