Top 10 Nature Photo Bloggers

I am delighted to share with you this guest post from Lee Hiller.  You must visit her superb ‘Hike Our Planet: Hot Springs National Park’ where you will be able to learn more about Lee and her goal to interconnect a series of blogs and websites that promote Hiking and Conserving Parks across the planet. You can also follow Lee on Twitter @LeeHiller

Just click on the images to visit these great sites, the headings will take you to their Twitter pages.

I Love Nature, taking photographs, blogging about my adventures within Hot Springs National Park and I am always inspired by the work of other photographers.

Twitter has an amazing array of Nature Photo Bloggers these are my Top 10 favorites to follow.  You do not want to miss their amazing Blog entries either! This is a great mix of amateurs like me and professionals, each site with its own unique style.

1. @Wildlife_Photo

Their site is a fantastic array of Nature blogs from all round the world.  It’s a perfect place to visit when you need a break, you will always find something new to enjoy and share with friends.

2. @2GreenFish

Kasey brings a passion for Nature that should never be missed.  Each photograph captures a story that will leave you wanting more.

3. @USWIldflowers

I only recently became a fan of wildflowers and discovering the names has become a passion for me.  This site is a wonderful learning tool as well as a visual feast.

4. @AnaspidesPhoto

The perfect way to have a virtual Nature tour, the photography is glorious.  You never know where you will be travelling!

5. @KerriFar

Passionate creative spirit sharing with us the beauty often missed in our own back yard, park, field etc.  Gorgeous macro photos too!

6. @MarkWilkinson1

A favorite for both the photography and the wonderful story telling, I love sneaking off into the woods at Badger’s Eye.

7. HadleyWildlife

A professional photographer whose work is aimed at the protection of the wildlife he presents on his site.

8. @SCreek

I Love this blog as it often has many of the creatures I see on my hikes and it is a joy to see them up close.

9. @NatrlVisions

Natural Visions blog takes us on a journey throughout the United states, sharing the beauty  of each unique environment.

10. @NatureMagnified

Beautiful photography, lovely multiple angles of each subject, I Love seeing the natural behavior of each creature.  Amazing tips for improving your own photographic efforts too!

Fantastic blogs to visit for some wonderful nature images, many thanks to Lee for her excellent post.

Do you know of any Lee might have missed?

  • Uwe Skrzypczak

    A very nice compilation, thank you.

  • Uwe Skrzypczak

    A very nice compilation, thank you.

  • NatureMagnified

    Thanks for the mention. Some good blogs in this list.

  • NatureMagnified

    Thanks for the mention. Some good blogs in this list.

  • Grant Marcus

    They are all awesome, well done!

  • Grant Marcus

    They are all awesome, well done!

  • Dendy

    thanks for sharing!

  • Hestia Dinar

    wow..awesome…Thanks for making up this site..i will love to share it with others..

  • Prateek Panchal

    Nature travel is such fun….especially visiting the magnificent national park!!!!

    Kaziranga National Park

  • Prateek Panchal

    A good listing!!!……I love nature photography….Love Nature…Save Nature….Cheers!!
    Chobe National Park