Top 10 Party Games For Halloween

It gives me great pleasure to welcome a new guest to the blog with a fun Top 10 to get you into the party mood for Halloween.  Sarah Gratton is a Screenwriter, Producer, Actress and wine lover and I can confirm that, as her Twitter bio claims, a lot of fun too!  You can follow Sarah on Twitter @grattongirl and find out a lot more about what she gets up to at Sarah-Jayne

Halloween is a night for devilish mayhem and all round family fun. These games have been selected for a variety of ages and all types of parties. I’ve had a blast selecting them and hope you enjoy trying them out this Halloween!

1. Bobbing for Apples!

A true Halloween classic!  This has to be the ultimate family party game as it never seems to lose its appeal (no pun intended!) and is suitable for players of all ages (but please supervise the little ones!).  The game dates back to ancient Rome in honour of the Goddess Pamona during the times of the Harvest Festival.  Its’s so simple to set-up.  All you need is a large, shallowish (but deep enough to get your face wet) plastic, metal or wooden tub, filled most of the way to the top with water and some fresh apples (small red apples are softer to bite into and look the best for this game).

Thoroughly wash the apples and remove their stems. Place an apple for each player into the tub and top up with water until it almost reaches the brim.

The players now take turns bobbing to retrieve an apple and each successful attempt receives a prize or a kiss, depending on preference. Dim the lights, play by candlelight or blindfold a player for added fun!

Handy Hint: Leave some towels out for players and, ladies, make sure your make-up’s waterproof!

2. Pumpkin Bowling

A fun, family game that will keep the kids amused for hours. Take some empty fizzy drink or soda bottles and paint them in Halloween colours.  Add scary eyes and fangs to give them even more spook-appeal!  Fill the bottles with a cupful of sand or pebbles so that they stand without falling over and line up the bottles like bowls, ready for the game.

Now take several small pumpkins to use as bowling balls. Divide party guests into two teams – and start bowling over those spooks. May the best team win!

3. Make a Mummy

A twist on the ‘toilet paper bride’ game. It’s all about wrapping and I don’t mean the musical kind! Each team is equipped with lots of toilet paper (around 3 rolls per team) and a victim willing to be mummified.

The object of the game is to transform the victim into the most realistic mummy possible. How? By wrapping with toilet paper of course! The winning team is the one who’s fastest to make their mummy!

Happy wrapping!

4. Name that Scary Theme Tune!

How many scary move themes can you remember? The aim is to guess correctly in as few hummed or whistled notes as possible.  Better suited for adults, this game is best played after a few glasses of Halloween punch!

Below are some of my favourite scary themes to use for this fun Halloween game:


The Exorcist

Friday the 13th


Hocus Pocus

Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare Before Christmas


The Fog

The Omen



The Adams Family

The X-Files

The Twilight Zone

The Outer Limits

The Munsters

5. Dr Feel-enstein!

A sure winner at any Halloween party! This game involves guessing body parts (well, food and other odds and ends actually) that Dr Feelenstein is using to make his Monster.  It takes a little bit of preparation but it’s well worth it for the shriek-factor it provides. Line up your prepared ‘body parts’ (see below for ingredients) on a table or counter and cover each with an upside down box, with a hole cut out for each player’s hand to slip into for a good “feel”. Write the name of each body part on the outside of each box (brains, eyes, nose, etc…) and turn the lights down low, as you say the following in a menacing voice:

“Here are his eyes, still frozen with surprise.” (two large frozen peeled olives)

“Here is his brain, which now feels no pain.” (a large head of wet par-boiled cauliflower)

“Here is his heart. Take care lest it start!” (a large lump of raw liver)

“Now for his hair, which once was so fair!” (a handful of wet fur or a pile of fibre from a soft sweeping brush)

“Feel these drops of his blood. All the rest turned to mud.” (A little cold tomato soup)

“One hand rots here, it will fill you with fear.” (a damp plastic glove filled with ice or jelly)

“Now touch his ear. He nevermore will hear!”(a dried apricot)

“This is his nose. That once smelt a rose.” (a pickle, a hot dog or the parson’s nose of a chicken)

“These worms are all that’s left to feel. For them, this body was a lovely meal!” (wet spaghetti)

Cringingly good fun – this game will have them rushing for the antibacterial soap!

6. Spooky Charades

The title is self-explanatory and it’s brilliant fun! Each player takes their turn in acting out a scene from a well-known scary movie. These can be written down on cards if preferred and placed into a witches hat or pumpkin for constants to retrieve a choice from. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:



Nightmare on Elm Street

Night of the Living Dead


Friday the 13th


And so on…

7.  Skeleton Hunt

A great game to keep the kids amused.  Have them search for skeleton parts (cut from paper, or plastic ones purchased from a toy shop). For an extra challenge, see if they can reassemble their bony treasures into a complete skeleton set.

8. Bag of Disguises

For this great game, you’ll need a bag of disguises such as fake mustaches, false witches noses, glasses, hats, fangs, etc and a blindfold.  A player is selected to be blindfolded whilst another dips into the bag and dons a number of disguise parts. The blindfolded player then has to guess who is under the disguise. Each player can take their turn in being blindfolded and each winning guess gets a prize!

9. “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” (The Horror Version)

A real favourite of mine! This game can be as child-friendly as needed (although I do prefer the adults only version) and involves, fake blood, plastic knives, swords, axes, old clothes, costumes, mannequin parts and so on. These props can be bought from a charity or thrift shop. The legs, arms and head of the mannequins should be pulled off and all the props placed into a box (if you can’t find a mannequin to dismember then a large doll will do). The guests are then divided into teams and each team must use whatever props they feel necessary to create the scariest scene possible within a certain period of time.

Prizes can be given to the team whose scene is voted as the scariest!

10. Seek and Kill (Adults only)

This is an adult hide and seek game with a difference. One player is chosen as ‘Michael Myers’ and is sent to another room to wait. Players are given 3-5 minutes to hide. The Killer then dons a Michael Myers type Halloween costume and hunts the players. The lights should be turned off and each player has a flashlight (including the killer). Each time a victim is discovered/killed he or she let’s out a blood-curdling scream and goes to the center of a room, designated as a the cemetery, to lie on the floor and wait until the end of the game. Whoever is left last is declared the winner. Put on scary Halloween theme music to heighten the fear-factor!

So there you have it – my top ten party games for Halloween. I’ve played them all over the years and, in my opinion, nothing makes Halloween more fun than a night full of friendship, music and games. After all, it’s what the true holiday ‘Spirit’ of Halloween is all about :-)

Many thanks Sarah for an entertaining Top 10. Do you have any games of your own that you would like to share?

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*image sources

1 & 2 – Sarah Gratton

Skull – Flickr creepyhaloweenimages

Happy Halloween – Flickr pareeerica


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