Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Influence


I am delighted to welcome Nicky aka @rocksstar10 as my guest in this second instalment of the ’10 Expert Tips’ series with her advice on how to increase your Twitter influence.

Nicky, who describes herself as ‘an avid Tweeter’, is a young lady who has shown she is well qualified in this respect having made a considerable contribution to Twitter and building a large and loyal following since she started out 18 months ago. To find out more about Nicky and for loads more Twitter advice just click on the image below to visit The Nicky Blog and connect with her on Twitter @rocksstar10 and on Facebook.

Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Influence

We all want to do well on Twitter, we all want to reach out to maximum people out there. Higher influence can help you in ways more than one. Traffic to your website, help you gain publicity, get you noticed and make an impact – it can do it all. On Twitter numbers of followers don’t equal influence, influence is built by how you interact and form your social circles. Here are the top 10 things I noticed in all the influential tweeters.

1. Share interesting and useful information

To put it bluntly, no one cares if you only tweet about yourself all day. Twitter isn’t about narcissistic people ranting about themselves. All influential tweeters share killer content – be it links, amazing photos, great blog posts, or inspiring quotes. Share something which will make a difference. Find something valuable and share!

2. Be grateful

Thank people –  it doesn’t make you smaller in any way. There are many ways to thank and express gratitude. You can retweet them, list them, or just send them a ‘thank you’ tweet. Also a great way is to give them a Follow Friday mention.

3. Respond and reciprocate

Why reciprocate? Because it is important to give back. Because it is Twitter Etiquette. It’s not the ‘scratch your back and you scratch my back’, but instead it is the ‘Thanks for doing this for me, I’d love to help you too’. See the difference? :)

4. Tweet regularly

This is essential because you have to stay in your followers minds and not be forgotten. Of course, short breaks are okay. But a long hiatus can hinder your influence. Your Kloutscore (which is a measure of your Twitter influence) can go down if you don’t tweet and interact for a long time.

5.Tweet at the right time

Find good stuff and deliver it  at the right time. Find out when Twitter is more active and buzzing with tweets, and tweet at that time. If you want to reach out to people from different timezones, schedule your tweets.

6. Be original

Create content that stands out. Something that people haven’t read before. Don’t be scared to put forth your point of view  but be careful when you do so. Original content always gains the spotlight and has the ability to go viral.

7. Don’t spam/Auto DM

This doesn’t need further explanation, does it? All of us have had experiences with automated DMs and spambots. The most common one I’ve read is – ‘Thanks for following me – now let’s connect on Facebook as well [Link]’. Umm, I just followed you on Twitter, and you want us to be connected on Facebook so soon? Not cool. *unfollowed*. See? Auto DM doesn’t work.

8. Reach out

Engage. Don’t wait for people to come to you, go out to people. Tweeters don’t become influential just by making a Twitter account and tweeting away. You have to *find* people to follow and engage with them. Learn from them, give them something to learn.

9. Follow better people

If you find people who connect and identify with what you write, half of your battle is won. This will help you grow your social circles. But don’t forget, when you tweet, every word is under scrutiny. An influential tweeter will always read every tweet twice (or more) before sending it!

10. Don’t constantly sell

As Robbin Phillips rightly put it:

It’s about passionate conversations, not product conversations’.

Well yes, Twitter *does* help you get your brand noticed, but if every tweet of yours links to your blog, people will just gradually lose interest.

These were the things I noticed in successful and influential tweeters. Would you like to add some points too? Feel free to leave a comment!

Many thanks to Nicky for her contribution to the Expert Series. Please do let us know if you have any comments or any other Twitter tips that have been successful for you.

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  • Eleanor Jodway

    Great Post Tony!  And a Wonderful Interview Nicky!  You’re #Rockin’ the Twitter Girl!  BRAVO!  :)))

  • Eleanor Jodway

    Great Post Tony!  And a Wonderful Interview Nicky!  You’re #Rockin’ the Twitter Girl!  BRAVO!  :)))

  • Thanks for the opportunity, Tony! :)

    • My pleasure Nicky, delighted to have you as a guest on the blog :-)

  • Great Post Nicky! It’s nice to see that I”m on the right track. I suppose it’s from reading such great content like this along the way. Blessings to you!

    • Thanks a lot Maiysha :D I appreciate your comment!

  • How right you are! A reminder is always a good thing!

    • Thank you Claudia! :)

  • What? Nobody cares I went to Starbucks?

    I will say I have followed a lot of your top 10’s but probably more by trial and error and just being like I would be in real life. The social side came a lot easier than the tech side and getting everything set up just right.

    I have enjoyed the journey so far and looking forward to what the future brings.

    Good to see you at Tony’s place; he’s good people.

    • haha Bill, thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the article and yes, Tony is good people indeed!

  • Barryck R

    Beautiful post, now let me add this: Be and think what you tweet. Tweet what you find valuable to your niche, and be ready to comment and engage discussions everytime you mentionned.

  • Great stuff.  Thanks for posting!

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