Top 10 Twitter People For Your Personal Development

I am delighted to bring you a guest post today from a Twitter friend who I have been chasing for a while to have on the blog, Shirley Osei-Mensah. Shirley is an inspiring young lady who has a passion for Personal Development which she shares with us in her Top 10.  Check out her excellent new blog Shirley’s Lessons and follow her on Twitter @ShirleyOM

Top 10 People To Follow On Twitter For Your Personal Development And Living Your Best Life.

Living your best life, having full control of your life, living life on your own terms, and having a balance in all areas of  your life are amongst the best things that can ever happen to you as a person. And that’s where personal development comes in, because that’s what personal development is all about, living your best life and bringing out the best potential in you.

So if you are a Twitterer  who is also interested in bringing out the best potential in you and living your best life, I have selected some top ten people you can follow on Twitter and get great tips from on living your best life. Selecting these top ten people was very hard for me as everyone in the personal development field is great but these are those I thought you should start with.

So in no particular order, the top ten people to follow on twitter for your personal development are as follows:

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1. Randy Gage

Randy Gage is a multi-millionaire who went from dish-washing in a pancake house to a multi-millionaire and to me this is very inspiring and motivating even from the start. Randy talks all about success and prosperity and shows you how to be successful and gain prosperity in your life, with a straight-forward mood which I love very much.

2.T Harv Eker

T Harv Eker who I call Harv for short, is a multi-millionaire wealth coach who helps you gain financial freedom by helping you reprogram your subconscious mind about money and teaching you ways to handle and sustain your money. Harv is also popularly known for his best-selling book, “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”, which is a must-read. If you haven’t read that book, go get a copy. Even if you have to search the whole solar system for a copy, do it!! You’ll know why I said this after you’ve read the book.

3.Dalai Lama

Another great person I follow on Twitter is His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He shares his wise sayings on his Twitter profile. They are so great and knowledgeable. And are so very thought-provoking that they make you think of yourself as a person and your soul and all that comes with being human and being in this universe.

4. Billy Cox

Billy Cox is a world renowned speaker known for inspiring people to take action and produce positive changes in all areas of their lives. This wonderful thing about Billy is even evident in his free ebook, Dream Book, which has also got a paperback version and audio version. In the Dream Book, Billy teaches you all about setting action-oriented goals to achieve any kind of dream you have with a little touch of the law of attraction. Very great book to get your hands on too.

5.Louise Hay

Louise Hay is a pioneer in the personal development field or industry. She actually shares wise sayings with followers and also share inspirational quotes and daily affirmations to help you with your subconscious mind and your life.

6. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is very great man who’s words and knowledge I really love and admire. Deepak shares regular updates of quotes and wise sayings that will teach you more about you as a soul and a person in this universe.

7. Brian Tracy

If you are in the Personal Development field or industry, you have already heard of Brian Tracy. Even if you aren’t, you might have. But don’t worry if you haven’t. I’m going to talk about him. Brian Tracy is a world renowned speaker and coach who is known for helping people produce positive changes in their personal finances, businesses, and life as a whole.

8. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is an expert who is known for helping bring out the best leadership skills in you and helping become the best leader possible. He’s also a best-selling author and I’m currently reading his book called “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

9. Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr Wayne Dyer is a best-selling author and a renowned speaker in the field of personal development. He tweets short motivational quotes to motivate the hell out of you :). And he’s also know as the “father of motivation” by his fans. So why would you want to go elsewhere for motivation? The father is here :).

10. Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale is a Law Of Attraction expert. He’s also got an inspiring story with him. He went from being homeless to being a multi-millionaire using the law of attraction. And that’s where he shares his experience and expertise in Law of attraction with you, for you to also attract whatever you desire into your life. He’s got great books, some which are best-sellers. One book of his I’m reading now is “Attract Money Now” which Dr. Joe tells you how to attract money into your life using the Law Of Attraction by making you go through a 7-Step formula. I really love his book. It’s a must read for anyone and everyone who wants to be financially free. I really wanted to say everyone (in every sense) but I guess not everyone wants to be financially free.

So here are my top ten people I selected on Twitter that I think when you follow them you are going to get a great deal of personal development resources from, including leadership, law of attraction, success, and a lot of other resources related to personal development.

Please share the wonderful people you follow in personal development on Twitter so that we can all follow them all and benefit too. Thanks :).
Many thanks Shirley – please let us know what you think and who else you think should be included!

  • Shirley, never thought about a list of a top 10 personal growth tweeters. This post had some great summaries of people/personalities that I should follow and will. Thanks for posting this.

    • Shirley Osei-Mensah

      You’re very welcome, Quake :)). Glad you found the post helpful :)).

  • Cnu Gsrinivas

    Thanks for sharing these

  • Xcelwealth

    I agree with the people above. They’re my faves as well. Start improving yourself and Your Business – The New Series Read here

  • Candace Solis

    Thanks so much for sharing these!

    • Shirley Osei-Mensah

      You’re welcome, Candace :).

  • Someone special

    John Assaraf is great, also!

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  • Kingsagit

    Thank You !!!!!!!

  • Mandesh

    Excellent suggestions made for the development of personality by following the twitters of great people.

  • CmarinLive

    This is a tremendous list! Great job making these easy to find… 

  • ThomasYates

    I have only just stumbled across this list and am now following most of them. I am looking to start my own blog about my own personal development in 2013 and onwards so it will be good to learn from the best so to speak