Top 10 Twitter Revelations

I am delighted to welcome Kathy Meyer as a contributor with her first ‘guest post’. Kathy is an amazing person to follow on Twitter for her consistently interesting, informative and entertaining Tweets and links about Social Media, Technology and a lot more. You can find out more about her @2cre8 and also on her 2cr8 Blog.

Top 10 Twitter Revelations (in stages)

I officially opened up a Twitter account back on March 9, 2009 as @2cre8, a side biz I started in 1998. Wide-eyed with no clue, I began my journey. I scoured the Internet like a sponge finding everything and anything about Twitter and social media. So it’s now been a year and a half later and I have to tell you it’s been quite a learning experience. I’m still discovering many new things, but I wanted to share a little snippet of what I consider my ‘Twitter revelations’.

1. Wow, people really hate auto DMs

As a newcomer and not knowing any better, I created an automated direct message (DM) which I pondered over to get just right. I really thought that was the right thing to do. WRONG. One day I got a really harsh DM response saying, I’ll follow you but don’t EVER DM me again. I’ll unfollow you so fast! Wow, I think my face changed to every color imaginable after reading that! I won’t name names but she happens to be a renown speaker and blogger, and highly influential in the women’s community with hundreds of thousands of followers. So ultimately I decided to remove my auto DM. (And then decided to unfollow her too he he!)

2. You are who you follow

For a short period there, I also auto-followed people. I began noticing that there were people that I wouldn’t hang out with in real life so why the hell was I following them? I’d never retweet (RT) anything they tweeted and some never tweeted anything at all. So now I take the time to check out individual bios, Twitter streams and manually follow. It’s time consuming but well worth it to follow quality people who add value to your stream and have something in common to share. (Imagine posts on how to get your teeth whiter appearing on your personalized newsletter from not good!)

3. Don’t be so quick to unfollow just because they don’t follow you back (yet)

There are people that I’ve been following for quite a long time and they still have not yet followed me back. Don’t be so quick to unfollow though, especially if they bring value to your Twitter stream. Since being on Twitter, I’ve realized that sometimes people who you converse with or even RT your tweets don’t realize they’re not following. It was funny when @clementyeung and @panah thought they were following me all along. (chuckle!)

4. Tactics that can help you obtain followers that you respect

This ties in with #3. It took a while for @AskAaronLee to finally follow me (over a year I think)! I don’t believe in brown-nosing and I’ll RT a post or converse back if I have a genuine interest in the topic or think it’ll bring value to my followers. Aaron tweeted an open question about how he should title his next blog and I responded. I’ve discovered that a good balance of genuine conversation and RTs will definitely draw attention. (Geez Aaron, was that all it took? Ha ha!)

5. I can be on auto-pilot and still be engaging?

After being on Twitter for about a year, I had noticed that some people I respect immensely were on 24/7. My first clue was @ruhanirabin and then noticed @Flipbooks, @AnnTran_ and @AskAaronLee. Aaron actually wrote a blog post about scheduled tweets, as well as @2morrowknight who supported Aaron on this controversial topic on his blog. My personal take is what’s wrong in wanting to bring value and share tweets with interesting people in different time zones? And when I’m actually on ‘live’, I try to thank or RT people who have retweeted me (reciprocal retweeting) and answer @mentions and DMs.

6. A picture is worth a thousand followers

I always thought my company logo was a great avatar. That was until I read an article that @GlenGilmore tweeted back in April. It talked about how a photo brought a human element to your brand and that ‘people want to interact with people, not company avatars’. I resisted for a long time until I thought I’d just experiment with it. I scoured to find a decent picture and updated my profile. A month later, @Flipbooks sent a DM asking if there was a noticeable difference since the change. To my amazement, I DID notice a difference! I started getting really positive feedback and more followers in larger increments! Who would have thunk that such a small change would garner such amazing results!

7. Spanning the globe

I love this quote from Nicky @rocksstar10, ‘Twitter is like traveling the world without moving an inch.’ And there’s so much truth to that! Where else would I ever have the opportunity to ‘virtually’ meet amazing people from all over the United States and around the world? It’s just so fascinating to me! I feel like sometimes I can live vicariously through their experiences. And I admire the fact that some people I follow tweet in both English and their native language like my friends @igcstudios and @MegOyanagi, just to name a few. Simply blows me away!

8. Your reach is much farther than you think

Ever type in your Twitter handle on Google or Bing? It’s pretty incredible (and scary) the amount of information that gets listed in the search results. Try it out. So to my point, everything you tweet is public information. Now whether you care or not about reputation management or on Twitter just to have fun, remember your tweets are now public domain. If you’re on the job hunt, trying to build credibility or represent a brand, always think twice what you’re about to tweet! (Comments on blog posts also show up in search results as well!)

9. Privacy, privacy, privacy!

I read a post about how all these third-party Twitter apps have access to your DMs. Prior to that tweet trending on Twitter, @IamPramit was kind enough to point out to me to check my Twitter Settings/Connections. To my amazement, I had a long list of third-party apps – some I don’t even remember allowing access. So I cleaned house and revoked most of them except for a handful I use everyday. And just recently, a CNN post talked about how digital photos can reveal your location (credit: @keewood @AnnTran_ @sheconsulting). Additionally, I highly recommend you read ‘30 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media’ by @jeffbullas.

10. OMG I think I’m a Twitter Addict!

Yup, I confess – I’m a Twitterholic, bona fide and true! My husband, who really has no clue what Twitter is all about, refers to me as the ˜twit queen” who constantly ˜tweets” ha ha! (Should I be offended?!) Well I just can’t help but love Twitter. It’s provided me the opportunity to get up to speed and really learn about topics near and dear to my heart. More importantly I’ve been blessed to meet so many truly amazing people. I would love list them all, but I don’t think Tony would appreciate that! So when you have the time, please check out my lists!

Thank you for letting me share my ˜Twitter revelations”. I hope I’ve bestowed some knowledge or reinforced a few things that will make your Twitter experience that much more enjoyable. Oh, and one more thing. If anyone sends you anything disparaging or disturbing – ignore it! It’s just not worth your VALUABLE time! So until then, have fun and tweet ya later!

Many thanks Kathy for a fascinating description of your Twitter journey, this may be your first guest post but I don’t think it will be your last!

Do you have any ‘Twitter revelations’ of your own? Please let us know if you have anything you would like to add.

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  • Anonymous

    Good one Kathy ! Keep Rocking !

    • Thanks so much 4 your amazing support Shakthi! So very much appreciated! #YouRock! :D

      • Great article Kathy and Tony….

        It is really original and fun. I use ‘auto-pilot’ from time to time, especially when I travel, and gain new followers and interesting people from different time zones…I should use it more often! Oh and thanks for #9…I need to clean my Twitter house!

        • ooops…I commented in the wrong section…sorry about that!

  • Thanks for such a “social” article on Twitter! — And your smile beats a company logo any day! :)

    • Hi Glen, You’re always such a positive force on Twitter and a “social media” icon! I truly appreciate your comment! Thank you! ;D

  • Hi Glen, You’re always such a positive force on Twitter and a “social media” icon! I truly appreciate your comment! Thank you! ;D

  • Anonymous

    Great first blog post Kathy! Keep on,..Twitter is a ‘real time’ travel :)

    • Thank you so much Aleksandar! I like that…’real time’ travel! :D

  • Finally you said the things needed to be said Kathy! Glad that I get to know you earlier and back then I already knew you are a gem! :) Wonderfully worded and structured. Thanks for the kind mention too ^_^

    • Hi Ruhani, I consider you my first Twitter mentor and friend! You’ve always made me feel so comfortable in this space and amazingly generous with your time. Thanks so much for your feedback! It means a lot! #YouRockAlways! ;D

  • Really awesome post, Kathy. You depicted many things that every twitter newcomers should be aware of. Like your sarcastic humor touch too :-)

    • Coming from such a prolific blogger, that means a lot A.R.! Thank you so much! #YouRock! ;D

  • Thank you Kathy and Tony for this great article…

    It is really original and fun. BTW. I use ‘auto-pilot’ from time to time, especially when I travel, and gain new followers and interesting people from different time zones…I should use it more often!

    Oh and thanks for #9…I need to clean my Twitter house!

    • Hi Lori – So sweet of you to comment…really honored! Glad you found it useful…yeah, #9 was an eye-opener for me as well! Thanks again Lori! ;D

  • Kathy, only the best tweeple undergo these stages, and it appears you’re one of them ;)

    • Thanks Chris! I so appreciate that coming from you! It’s reassuring to know we all have gone through some, if not all, of these Twitter ‘revelations’ and that I’m in great company! ;D

  • Great post Kathy! I went through the same stages. Glad you decided to use your picture instead of a logo. I enjoy seeing your smiling face pop up in stream! :) I feel very fortunate to have connected with you as you have brought so much value to the community. ~Xan

    • Hi Xan – It reassures me to hear that we’ve shared common experiences on Twitter…kinda like a ‘twisterhood’ ha ha! Seriously, I feel so honored and deeply appreciate your support as you have always so generously shown. So glad I connected with you as well! And thank you!! #YouRock ~Kath

  • vinay

    These 10points speaks about your journey with Twitter Kathy. And the tweeps you have mentioned in post are simply awesome like you :) I follow most of them and I got to learn many things from you all. Awesome post :)

    • Thanks Vinay! Yes, it has been quite a journey and learning experience! (And still learning something new everyday!) Really appreciate your comment! ;D

  • Great tips Kathy!

    Twitter users everywhere should take note. Thanks for sharing your list of tips.

    • Thanks so much Laura! Hopefully there’s something of value here for anyone new to Twitter! ;D

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Kathy, on your first post and I’m certain it will not be your last. Great list and revelations — I’m sure many will get great value from them. And, like Xan, I love seeing you smiling face in my stream on a daily basis – what a gift! Rock on, girl!


    • Feedback from such a prolific blogger such as yourself really means a lot to me! Thank you so much Shelly! I’m truly glad we connected and always a pleasure seeing you as well! #YouRock! ;D

  • Siddharth

    I remember a quote that goes with #2 and even generally with Tweeple – He who cannot be a good follower, cannot be a good leader. Great post Kathy!

    • Thanks for your support Siddharth! So greatly appreciated! (Like that quote.) ;D

  • Huge thanks from me to Kathy for allowing me to be the host for her first (and I am certain not the last) guest blog post. Although the subject matter has been written about many times I think you have brought a fresh approach with a well thought out and well researched post.

    Many thanks also to all of you who have taken the time to comment and share the link, it’s all very much appreciated.


    • Hi Tony – Thank you for the opportunity! I feel so honored that you even considered me to write a guest post. I’ve always admired bloggers/writers, but I now have a new found respect! And after much thought and many edits later, I hope I brought some insights into to this space we call the Twittersphere!

      Thanks again Tony for this wonderful experience! ~K

  • Pat Ilott (Artist)

    Very interesting read, from Pat Ilott, artist, from Cheltenham, Cotswolds, UK (01242 518985) email:

  • I’m a newbie to Twitter since August and I felt like teacher’s pet with a paper full-o-scratch n’ sniff stickers. Now I feel great AND smell like cupcakes, thanks! :) – Kirsten (@RNTGirl,

    • Well, welcome to Twitter Kirsten! Pass the cupcakes! ;D

  • Nicky

    Kathy! This is a brilliant post. Period! I love your humor :) Great tips! I loved reading this post and I’m so looking forward to more posts from you~ #KeepRocking Twitter queen ;D

    • Ha ha Twitter Queen…my husband will surely identify with that one! Thanks so much Nicky! You’re a gem. It’s always so great when I see you on the Twitter stream! #YouRock! ;D

  • Hi Anneliza – I so appreciate your comment…thank you! Only through Twitter did I have the privilege to connect with someone as genuine and insightful as you! You make Twitter that much more fun and enjoyable!! ;D

  • Great job Kathy! A perfectly simple smart-key- opens many doors! Wish your post existed a year ago! Your article says it all: be gracious, tweet with integrity, watch privacy. It’s not a numbers race, it’s *all* about building relationships. I totally identify with your experience; makes the article even more poignant! Thanks for the read! e. :)

    • And that’s exactly it…building relationships and providing value, intelligently with integrity and a little common sense! Thanks so much Esta for your tremendous support! ;D

  • Edmee Roche

    Wish I had these tips when I first went on twitter…extremely helpful. Gonna share with my newbies:)
    Kathy has brought tremendous value to my twitter stream!

    • Thanks so much Edmee! Really means so much and I truly hope people find this post helpful, especially newbies. And you gotta know that YOU #Rock the Twitter stream my fab friend! ;D

  • Thanks so much Ignacio! I really appreciate your ongoing support, but more importantly, our friendship! So glad we connected! #YouRock! ;D

  • Thanks for your comments Terri! You’re right about #2 and #3. And because I manually follow, it takes me longer to vet out new people, but some really ARE impatient! BTW you’re one of the first people that brought a real ‘human’ element to Twitter. And I truly appreciate your kindness and support along my Twitter journey! Thank you! ;D

  • Kathy: Thanks so much for the mention of my article on photo vs. logo. I’m glad to see that it made a positive change in your business.


    Maria Ogneva

    • Wow that’s so great…yes, thank you Maria! That article certainly left an impression. I’ll have to RT it again (and leave a comment). Just looked you up and following on Twitter now! Great to connect! Look forward to seeing you in the Twitter stream! ~Kath

  • Woo Hoo Kathy! Congrats on creating a fun read. I’m stunned that sweetie pie AskAaronLee took a year to follow, but as you say, often many of us assume we already are following people. ha. I’ve made that mistake more than a dozen times.

    It was a pleasure to read your Twitter journeys. Thank you. And wowzers, thanks for this too:

    {{{ I love this quote from Nicky @rocksstar10, “Twitter is like traveling the world without moving an inch.”}}}

    • Thanks so much Tina! It means a lot coming from an amazing, thought-provoking writer such as you! Can you believe that Aaron ha ha! He is such a sweetie pie! He’s helped me out a lot, especially when I was looking for specific topics to research on. Yeah, that quote always stuck in my head…love it too! Thanks again Tina! #YouRockIt!

  • Ha ha Kevin I remember that day well! Your tweet comment had confirmed I made the right choice! Thanks for that and your amazing generosity! You’re one of my all faves too!! #YouRock! ;D

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on a your first guest blog! Great insights, easy read – and 50 comments! I’d say it was a smashing success.

    I’m thinking these other peeps – the ones I don’t already follow that is – are some profiles I need to be checking out. :)

    I’ll continue to wait patiently for @AskAaronLee to follow me too! lol.

    • Hi Kevin – Thank so much! My intent was to make it an “easy read” and coming more from a personal perspective. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and glad we connected! (Will have to introduce you to Aaron ha ha!) ;D

  • Hey there Kathy~

    These are some really valuable insights! We could all learn from these 10 amazing revelations~

    Thanks so much for sharing and writing such a pleasant read~

    Hoping to read more from you!


    • Hi Shawn – Thanks so much for your support! So glad you found this useful. Yes, I think I’ll have to write a follow-up some time soon! Again, really appreciate your feedback! ;D

  • Kathy, you and I started on Twitter about the same time – and I’m sorry it took as long as it did for us to connect (thanks to the illustrious @HowellMarketing). Your writing style is charming and inclusive. Each point was well taken. I, too, don’t follow back automatically and have been criticized for it; when some honors me with a follow, I send them a DM, thanking them and then check out their stream to see what kind of information they’re sharing and if they engage or not before deciding if I’ll follow them. As one can see from my “numbers,” I’m not into the numbers game. I’m all about value. And you share plenty of that, my friend. Blog on!!

    • Hi Kathy, I truly appreciate your feedback and yes, I’m thankful that @HowellMarketing (Amy) was instrumental in ‘hooking’ us up! To your point, I agree that Twitter is all about value, sharing and engagement! People may have their own individual Twitter style, but creating connections is really the ultimate goal. And I’m so glad we finally connected too! ;D ~Kath

  • @MASisMore

    Kathy, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and recognized some similar experiences from my own Twitter journey. I really like the way you credited and mentioned people and your candid way you shared your revelations. Tony, thank you for continually sharing great guest blogs, especially from one of my favorite people, Kathy. I look forward to her next guest post! :)

    • Michael, Your feedback means a lot to me and I truly appreciate it! You’re one of the first that helped make my introduction into Twitter an enjoyable and fun experience! I now feel like a Twitter twoddler…a little wobbly, but forever learning and growing stronger! Thank you for your friendship Michael! ;D ~Kath

  • @MASisMore

    Kathy, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and recognized some similar experiences from my own Twitter journey. I really like the way you credited and mentioned people and your candid way you shared your revelations. Tony, thank you for continually sharing great guest blogs, especially from one of my favorite people, Kathy. I look forward to her next guest post! :)

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  • Hi Ann – Coming from you, a heart-felt and moving writer, I truly appreciate your feedback! I’m really glad we connected on Twitter! So honored. I look forward to your never-ending inspiration and support. You enlighten us all! Thank you. ;D ~Kath

  • Wonderful post, Kathy! I just concluded my first year on Twitter and still feel like somewhat of a newbie! Good points for people just dipping their little toe in as well as great reminders for those of us (social) butterfly-ing in the deep end ;-) Cheers! G

    • So wonderful for you to comment Gina! Thank you! It has certainly been an eye-opening experience and such fun meeting ‘Suuper’ people such as you! It was good to reflect back on the early part of my Twitter journey and doubly reassuring to hear that I was not alone! Thanks again Gina! ;D

  • Kathy,

    A wonderful (and sometimes humorous) post! Many of the revelations you listed resonated with me. It’s funny, I sort of learned about autotweeting from you. I kept seeing a bunch of tweets that seemed to go around the clock. I knew you had to sleep sometime and surmised that you were scheduling tweets. I thought that made plenty of sense. Then, we had a brief conversation on the tools.

    When I first learned of Twitter, I scoffed, balked and pretty much turned my nose up in its direction. Once I actually found that Twitter is a viable Marketing 2.0 tool, I got on board. Unlike my early social media days when I became friends with anyone on MySpace, I agree that you are who you follow and have been enlightened by the Twitter luminaries that I’m following (such as @ardath421, @KendraLeeKLA, @HeatherLutze…and…oh yeah…@2cre8).

    Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to social media. I’m noticing that it’s a little like mining gold. At first, you may see a glimmer here or there, but consistent application brings larger gains down the line.

    Your post also reminds me to take inventory of my apps and privacy again. Thanks for the post. Looks like you’ve got a great future as a guest blogger.

    • Hi Phil – So great to always have your support! Really good to hear that this article resonated with you. You know early on I recognized the power of Twitter and was amazed with the connections you can make in 140 characters or less. Yes, and it certainly takes patience but well worth it…as you so eloquently put it…like mining for gold! I’ve been privileged to meet so many ‘gems’, like you! So glad we connected and I look forward to sharing the next wave with you on the Twittersphere! ;D ~Kath

  • Kathy – great job. That was a great read. You and I do think a lot alike. Your kind spirit shines! So who was the influential women who blasted you about the DM’s? Tell me tell me [in email] – I promise not to tell – just want a laugh. :) For the record I hate DMs too and rarely check them… again great job!

    • Hey there Tammy! Thank so much for stopping by to comment…really appreciate it! Ha ha, it’s been so long I can’t remember her name anymore, but I’ll check on a blog she was on. Really glad we connected on Twitter and think your is terrific! Congrats! ;D ~Kath

  • Nong

    I wish you all the luck in the world. At the moment, #3 isn’t an issue because Twitter unfollows my friends on my behalf and without my knowledge. I see we have a lot of friends in common. In fact, I consider @clementyeung, @2morrowknight, @AskAaronLee, @GlenGilmore, @ruhanirabin, @IamPramit, @rocksstar10, and @AnnTran_ some of my dearest friends. Regarding #4, I’m not sure if “tactics” should be used to manipulate any type of behavior. My philosophy is “just be you.” Sometimes, I will tweet content; and, other times, I’ll yammer til the cows come home. So far, you’re doing a great job, Kathy. Most importantly, thank you for coming into my life. –Nong

    • Hi Nong! Thank you so much for stopping by…truly appreciated! You know, I’ve also experienced where Twitter has unfollowed people without my knowledge! Very disturbing. You know, I wish I could have mentioned so many special people who has made my entry into Twitter so enjoyable such as you! You’re the first person I ever received a “voice” thank you…so cool! You’re always enlightening me with these awesome techie tools! Thank you again Nong! Really glad to know you as well! #YouRock! ;D ~K

  • Cheryl Burgess


    Great article. Especially, appreciate your honesty and sense of humor, Kathy. Your tweets are reflected of your charming personality.

    My fave quote from Nicky @rocksstar10- “Twitter is like traveling the world without moving an inch.” This is so true, but it’s also nice to know that you live in New Jersey!

    What I really found amazing about Twitter and people like you is that there is such a wealth of information being shared every second. Once we identify the tweeps that provide the best content and the best friendship we all want to follow them forever.

    Congrats on your first post!

    Cheryl @ckburgess


    • Thanks so much for your wonderful comments Cheryl. So deeply appreciated! It’s wonderful to connect and discover terrific people like you! Yes, and I love the fact that Twitter IS such a wealth of information! I keep learning and being inspired everyday. Now it’s just a matter of some semblance of balance – family, work, side biz and Twitter ha ha!

      Thanks again Cheryl! Really appreciate your support! :D

  • @patgermelman

    My 1st Twitter Revelation: Social media stars are just like you and me…they put their pants on one leg at a time. In other words, the people who left me starstruck when I first started out on Twitter are very approachable, helpful and real. And more than that, they’re fun. Thanks to @guykawasaki @ruhanirabin @Flipbooks @2morrowknight @newmediajim and many more for being amazing people and for taking the time to guide a novice. I’m luck-eeeee!

    My 2nd Twitter Revelation 2: Are friendships on Twitter real? Yep, you bet they are. See My 1st Twitter Revelation.

    • Hi Pat – Thanks so much for stopping by to comment! I agree with you…there are a lot of approachable “superstars” out there that really are “kind” and “wonderful”! And to your other point, there’s a “real” person behind the tweets which is sometimes difficult to explain to a non-Twitter user (ahem “husband”!). So I do believe that trust and friendships can form over time. Sort of like a virtual “pen pal” if you will. Thanks again Pat! Now following… ;D

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  • Cheri Allbritton

    How ever did I miss this guest post? When my employer first asked me if I’d like to test a local market Twitter account I jumped at the chance. I love people and I love to learn. So I diligently started reading everything I could Google about how to find people on Twitter and how to let them know I was there. I started reading Tweets and information attached in links. All kinds of information! I was like a kid in a candy store! As time went on I noticed information I found most interesting was being tweeted by a lady called @2cre8, so I followed her. Each time she’d post a list of her favorite people to follow, I’d follow them too. Each time she r/t someone else’s tweet or link that I found to be of interest, I’d follow that person too. Quickly I noticed that most of those people followed me back. ME! Cool! For a while all I did was r/t tweets and put out information from my employer on issues such as sustainability, the environment, the printing industry, our vendors, etc. I was apprehensive to say anything. But I continued to follow Kathy daily. The first time she thanked me for r/t something you would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. I still think I have that favorited. And I’ve gotten braver overtime. Why am I babbling on? Not sure, but what I am sure about is that with this post Kathy has taken the most basic issues and created a list that I wish someone had handed me when I started out on this adventure (er, assignment).
    I once told Ms.Kathy that I r/t her more than anyone on Twitter for which she was kind enough to thank me. Later I came across some app, I can’t even remember which one now, that provided that kind of information and sure enough, at the top of my list, the person I r/t the most, @2cre8. Now the world knows, on Twitter, Ms. Kathy is my #1 Influencer! (By the way I just favorited this post too!)

    • Well Cheri, I have to say that I’m truly honored and speechless! Thank you so much! You’ve put me on a level reserved for more qualified people, but I hope that I’ve helped you in some way in making your Twitter journey (er, assignment) a little more enjoyable! You are a truly open, generous and supportive person! I’m really so glad we connected! And whoever assigned you the task of managing the local market Twitter account, tell him or her I said…”Cheri’s personality shines through and lights up the Twitter stream with her positive engagement, radiant energy and intelligence!” #YouRockIt! Thanks again Cheri…a true pleasure! ~Kath

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  • Billy Delaney

    Tweeting has become a bit like watching a flower grow, you try to see it but you don’t. You look away, come back or whatever and it has blossomed some more, or gotten taller. Thing is these flowers are worldwide and multiplying…

    • That is so true @socialtango:disqus ! And I guess we are the nurturers helping it to grow and blossom! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really appreciate it Billy (and now following)! :D ~Kathy

    • Billy Delaney

      Thanks for that. I followed you back through the Disqus site. I like the features here. See you around and in the stream.

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  • Wonderful post Kathy! Love your humor  :)

    • A very “belated” thank you Valerie! So glad you enjoyed it! :D

  • Fantastic share Kathy and Tony! Thank you for including me.

  • cheap bras

    Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

  • judithwelltree

    Wow!  This is such a help for new people to twitter like me.  Thanks I am saving it and going to follow your advice a step at a time!