Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Image & Following


It gives me great pleasure to welcome Lori McNee back as a guest on the blog. Lori who is an internationally recognised artist has previously shared with us her Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity.

Currently, Lori ranks as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter and was recently named a TwitterPowerhouse by The Huffington Post so it’s fair to say that she speaks with some authority with this Twitter Top 10. You can connect with Lori on Twitter@lorimcneeartist and find out a lot more about at her by visiting Lori McNee fine art and tips and Lori McNee Fine Artist

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Image & Following

Twitter is the fastest way to develop your brand identity and professional image. We have all heard, not to “judge a book by its cover”, but on Twitter your cover, aka profile, IS judged  and very quickly!

This is why it is important to understand how to make your Twitter page interesting and eye catching.

1. Your Twitter Name

  • This little trick really worked for me. Your name is the first thing that people will see on Twitter. Use the name you want to represent your brand.
  • For example: When I first started on Twitter I used @lorimcnee, but quickly changed my name to @lorimcneeartist and gained more loyal followers rapidly. It is easier for people to associate me as an artist this way. Also, when people search “artist”, my name appears.

2. Profile Picture/Avatar

  • Recent studies found that your profile picture is more than just a pretty face.
  • Two separate studies concluded that one’s avatar affects how a message is received, and also how individuals interpret it.
  • The higher the friendliness and attractiveness of the avatar, the more intimate people are willing to be with strangers.
  • It is not a rule, but I suggest using an image of yourself rather than a business logo.

3. Profile/Bio

  • The profile is your big branding opportunity to make your unique mark. This is your virtual personality!
  • Choose your profile words wisely. This is a great opportunity to brand yourself and/or your business. These few words will say a lot to the world about who and what you are.
  • Make it ‘catchy’, this description helps people immediately make the choice to follow you or not.
  • Also a custom page is a good way to grab attention.
  • Here’s a tip: Once you have chosen your Twitter name and your profile page is complete, add yourself to the free Twitter Directory, WeFollow.  This way, you can track your ranking, status and influence on Twitter. I am ranked as one of the most influential people within my niche because I registered.

4. Your Website/blog

  • Be sure and add your website or blog to your Twitter profile. Interested tweeters will click on your website link to learn more about you.
  • This is now a major branding/image building medium. In past years, a website was thought to be something that you did along with your advertising.
  • It has become a major portal and link to the public. As the lines between TV and Internet become blurred, websites will become an even more important part of marketing and branding.

5. What to tweet

  • Engage with your followers and don’t focus on selling, but focus on giving. You are here to build valuable, real relationships. By engaging your market you are creating a community around your brand. Sharing photos and videos is a great way to engage your following in conversation.
  • Be sure and Pass along good content. Twitter is micro-blogging. Your followers are looking for tweets with value. If they don’t find it, they will either delete you or forget you.

6. Be Sure and Retweet

  • Retweets are the way to pass along quality tweets from our fellow Twitter friends.
  • The retweet can also be used as a great way to capture the attention of someone in or outside your niche and start a conversation.
  • You can use Twitter’s automatic RT button, but I like to manually post my RTs in the update box.
  • Also, I generally like to credit the RT at the end of my tweet.
  • Just be sure sure to use the RT (for retweet) then space, add @username of the original person who generated the tweet along with the information you are tweeting.
  • For example: Tweet people the way you want to be treated. RT @username

7. Keep it Simple

  • Learn how to abbreviate your tweets. You can use URL shorteners like, tinyURL and more.
  • Less is more.
  • Here’s a complete list of Twitter Acronyms – and remember, You are what you tweet.

8. Be a Good Follower

  • Ask yourself if you want to actively engage with your followers, or do you want to follow everyone back? Decide what works best for you.
  • It is nice to reach out to your friends and followers
  • For example: Tony, thanks for having me guest post on @TheTop10Blog
  • Don’t forget the little guy as your following grows. They helped you get to where you are – and they are loyal. I always do my best to thank my followers because I truly appreciate them!
  • It is also good to reach out to some of the bigger Twitter names. These tweeters have a lot of experience and if they RT you, it helps with your own Twitter influence.

9. Consider Using #Hashtags

  • #Hashtags help you target your specific niche or interest and provide real-time tracking of Twitter.
  • For example: “Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted”. #quote
  • Using the #hashtag symbol in front of the keyword, “quote” will help my tweet be seen by anyone searching for the hashtag #quote.
  • Just be careful not to use more than 2-3 hashtags or you might be considered a spammer to your followers.
  • @Mashable has a great article, HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

10. When to Tweet for Impact

  • One of Twitter’s most popular personalities, @GuyKawasaki states, “I find it’s worth repeating important tweets up to 4 times in about 18 hours. Typically, that would be evening, late evening, next morning and then the afternoon. Hopefully, that will catch the different audiences. But that’s enough; I don’t want to turn anyone off.”
  • Guy generally pre-schedules his tweets 8 hours apart at 7pm PST. 3am PST, 11am PST, and 7pm PST
  • The more you use Twitter, the more comfortable you will be with your own tweeting schedule that works for you!

The above information is to use as a guideline to help you get the most out of your Twitter experience. If you would like to find out more about reaching a wider audience on Twitter then please check out How to Reach Beyond Your Niche on Twitter.

Oh, and one more thing: ‘You are what you tweet!’

Happy Tweeting!


Big thank you from me to Lori for putting together a super Twitter Top 10. Please do share any other tips that you may have with the rest of us.

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  • Sandra L.

    Thanks for the tips! But what are you selling/promoting via Twitter? Are you an artist or a blogger or an art coach or a poet or ???
    And how time do you spend on Twitter, your blogs versus the income you bring in from it?

  • Ashley Baxter

    You mentioned to make sure that you have a good avatar, but I think having a custom page (as you mentioned) is just as important as well.

    A lot of people still have custom background pages that are formatted for the old Twitter. That can create a sense of being behind the times in some users minds. If nothing else, people should switch to a solid color or patterned background until they have time to build what they would like to spec. Congrats on your Huff Post ranking!

    • Lori

      Hi Ashley, thanks for taking time to comment on this post. I totally agree with you about the custom page. A custom page gives a professional look.

      See you on Twitter!
      Lori :-)

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  • Hi Lori – Such a great post that everyone should be reading! I wholeheartedly agree with all your suggestions. On rare occassions I’ll follow a person when #1 – 4 isn’t implemented if they combine #5 and #6. That is, if their stream consists of valuable/interesting content combined with a good balance of engagement and retweets. Thank you Lori for sharing this insightful post! ;D

    • Lori

      Hi Kathy –

      This is a nice compliment coming from you, my friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, sometimes you can find that rare person who has a terrible bio, etc but their tweets are interesting. The trouble is, not very many people take time to look at someone’s Twitter stream if their first impression doesn’t grab attention.

      I am glad you liked this post. I really enjoyed yours on this blog too!

      See you soon-
      Lori ;-)

  • Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing. These are a big help.

  • Kevin Timothy

    Awesome, Lori! Clear, concise, and very do-able; even for the first time Twitter user.

  •  Hmm, I’m thinking I need to update my avatar with something a little friendlier!

    • Hi Brad, not too much I hope as it’s a bit like mine! You are right though that it is so much better to look like a real person rather than an egg or a corporate logo. Thanks for stopping by with your comment and for sharing the post. :-)

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  • A.R.Karthick

    Really an awesome compilation of Twitter tips, Lori – from setting up one’s profile, what to tweet, to engaging with followers, covers it all. Newbie tweeps will take sometime to understand the importance of hashtags and tweeting at optimal times. Thank you for sharing. :)

    A R Karthick

  • Anonymous

    Really great tips to learn and continue to use as you grow within social media!

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