Top Twitter People – A Blast From The Past!

My first Top Twitter list was published a year ago and since that time I have had the pleasure to highlight almost 600 Tweeters who have caught my eye.

I thought this first anniversary would be a fitting time to celebrate again some of the original Tweeters who I featured, they may have forgotten, they may even have not noticed, after all I was just a new boy on the block back then!

So I am proud to present my Easter Anniversary Top Twitter Blast From The Past, the people who meant a lot to me then and still do now, the faces I love to see in my Twitter stream who have stuck with me through thick and thin over the last year. Real people who I have got to know over the last 12 months and who add so much to Twitter both with their content and by the way they relate to their followers no matter how many they may have.  (In the order in which they were featured.)


Aimee is a frequent, and very welcome visitor to my Twitter stream. Quotes, music, great links – a very positive lady who always has something good going on.


Jessica is just a super lady to connect with on Twitter. A great connector who Tweets about social media, country music and anything interesting that catches her eye. Some great reads at Finger Candy Media from Jessica who has made two guest appearances on The Top 10 BlogTop 10 Things I Learned About Social Media From My Dog and her Interview.


What a great Twitter gentleman! Sean is always a source of such interesting content but never forgets to connect with the people he meets on Twitter. Blogger at Huffington Post with his own ‘Awesome Blog’. You can learn a little more about the man behind the Bio by reading his Interview.


 @Mary Sarah Music

It’s been wonderful to watch this young lady’s progress in the last year. Singer, songwriter with an abundance of talent and energy and a very positive attitude to life which shines through her Tweets. You can find out more about her at

@Lori Moreno

If you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself you will usually find some thing in Lori’s Twitter stream to motivate you with her inspirational and positive Tweets. She also shares topical and informative links and makes sure she finds the time to respond to  the people she connects with.



Aaron’s bio describes him as ‘An average Joe but with an extra-large social media addiction’ but he is anything but average! What a prolific guy he is, I really don’t know where he gets the energy! A consistent stream of great content, connections and interactions with others. Super blog at Ask Aaron Lee and has also been one of my Interview victims.



What can you say about Gina? One of the nicest people to connect with and a true Twitter friend to those who get to know her. Never a dull moment with her rich and varied Tweets and connections and her entertaining Gitanablog. Previous appearances with Top 10 Favorite Things my Dog Does, Top 10 Favorite Disco/Funky Groovy Tunes and her fun Interview.


Nicky’s bio says it all – ‘Music maniac | Teen Blogger | Positive thinker | Knowledge seeker | Go-getter | just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams :)’. Loves interacting with others and a great Tweeter of interesting content. Has some great Twitter How to posts at The Nicky Blog.


Lotay has such a positive presence on Twitter with his peaceful and loving Tweets and his work through The Black Card Circle.  More positive thoughts can be found at his Blog and his Top 10 Blog Interview.


The first thing I noticed about Karthick last year was the amazing quality of the links that he Retweets  on a consistent basis. Add to that the support he gives to other bloggers and Tweeters and his superb blog and you have a man worth well connecting with.


Ann was originally on my list with another account but I am so glad that I stuck with her. Lovely positive quotes, entertaining and informative links and such a lovely lady to connect with.  As an added bonus there is her thoughtful Ann Tran, A Life With Intention Blog.


Always something interesting to find by following the links from Misty’s Twitter stream and such a fun lady to connect with. Writer for Bit Rebels and a previous guest of mine with her Interview and Top 10 Things To Do Online.


Thoughtful quotes, informative links, fun and friendship from Mirijam, one of the brains behind the Xcaped Cat. Another of my Interview subjects and a guest of mine with her amazing Top 10 Cute Fun Gadgets For The Home.


What a great, positive guy to connect with! Paul is always up to something be it sharing great stuff on Twitter, tales of his adventures at the Bald Hiker, the Twitter SingUps or his charitable projects. Find out a bit more about what makes him tick with his revealing Interview.


I am so pleased I connected with this lovely lady. Great music, super links and just so much positivity with her Tweets and at her Marcome Blog. Very supportive of good causes and other people and a guest of mine with her Interview and her popular Top 10 Music Artists To Celebrate Life With.


Susan loves sharing great content on Twitter with an amazing line up of news, social media links and entertaining and interesting stuff that has caught her eye. Great connection and interaction with others and a superb blog at Buzz Edition.


Val may not have accumulated as many followers as some of the others on the list (can’t understand why not!) but has remained a true Twitter friend. Witty, always entertaining and supportive of others and with an amusing blog at What Val Thinks. She’s been my guest too with Top 10 Hit US TV Shows That Shouldn’t Be and the recent Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Winter.


Lucie supplies what it says on the tin, she is Online a lot and she is certainly fantastic! Social media specialist in the travel industry, she makes great connections and Tweets interesting content about both subjects. Blogs at Online Fantastic and a regular guest of mine with her Top 10 Social Media Blogs of All Time, Top 10 Travel Tweeple and her fun Interview.


Kat is a prolific Tweeter, irrepressibly upbeat and great fun to follow. Never lost for words and loves interacting with people, another previous Interview victim and guest with 10 Awesome Make Up Artists on Twitter and the uplifting Top 10 Things You Can Do When The Day Is Going Horribly Wrong.


Bariq is the other half of the Excaped Cat and just lives to share great content on Twitter. Loves a bit of poetry too as evidenced by his first guest appearance on the blog Top 10 Best Poetry Sites and also showed off his more technical side with his Top 10 Must Have PC Software.


Last and definitely not least is the lovely Debra, who seems to be a good friend to so many Twitter people. Good fun, thoughtful and unfailingly positive, she is always a welcome addition to my Twitter stream. Yet another guest of mine with her Interview.

Of course there are so many more wonderful people I have connected with since the early days who I would like to celebrate but they must wait until another day. In the meantime you can find them all at Top Twitter People and Top Twitter People 2!

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  • Anonymous

    Suuch an amazingly illustrious list, Tony! I am so uber honored by the inclusion and more importantly your friendship. Of COURSE we’ve stuck with youu since the beginning…even the littlest dose of Tenny and we’re hooked! :) Thank you..for this and for your you-ness! *huugs* Gina

  • Gratitude Hug to you sweet Sir! May we continue 2 share and enhance our day to day life with this amazing virtual social network! Marcomé ♡

  • Gratitude Hug your way sweet Sir! May we continue to enhance our life with this amazing vibe we get to share on this special social network that is Twitter! Marcomé ♡

  • Thank you sooo much Tony! Much appreciated. Excellent post packed with all my favorite Twitter people. I love them all, you including! ;-) Keep it up xo

  • Tony! Thank you so much! Such a wonderful group of people that you have included in your article and Im honored that you have allowed me to be amongst them! Hugs, Love and Light! xo debra aka MomsofAmerica

  • Thank you SO much Tony! It’s an honor to be included among such great people! :) Hugs!

  • A.R.Karthick

    Amazing list, awesome tweeps/friends with whom i connect with. Very glad to be featured in this. Thanks a bunch & hats off to you, my friend. Have a blast, plz! :)

  • Tony, I’m honored and chuffed to be included in the anniversary edition. I’m made up! Thanks for all the support. xoxo

  • Barryck R

    Thank you so much Tony.. It’s an honor to be featured among this great tweeps that taught me a lot. And a great pleasure to be among the first to have Guest posted in your blog..

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