Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Blogger?


I am an old fashioned sort of guy, late 50’s, only been blogging since last year and while not the oldest blogger in town I am certainly above the average age of the typical social media aficionado.

I have noticed over the last few years that I have different values to many in the generations that have followed mine. I instinctively do stuff like giving up my seat to an elderly person who may need it more than me and holding a door open for people. Simple actions but examples of things that seem to be dying out these days.

What does all this have to do with my daughter’s fictitious blogger betrothed? Well I feel that these values are still vitally important in life and in my online activities and I was thinking that they might help me in measuring any prospective son in law against my expectations. (Not that she would listen to me if I tried to give her any advice!)

So I thought I would share my thoughts on why I think these “old fashioned” values are still important, please do let me know what you think, maybe they will help you when that son or daughter comes home and announce that they have fallen in love with a blogger!


So what do I mean by integrity? A definition is “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty” and that really sums up how we should approach the social media world.

I like a blog post with a bit of spice or edge to it as much as the next man (or woman) but the author needs to know where the boundaries, both ethical and moral, lie when considering their content. Bad language is fine if not excessive and used in context and care should be exercised with images with permission being sought for use and the more graphic end of the scale being avoided. Don’t make libellous or defamatory statements and don’t plagiarise other writers, be original and create your own unique style.

When it comes to selling on the blog show how ethical you are by full disclosure and checking that box which says “no adult content” in any of your ad spots.


I am a polite sort of person and I hope that shines through in all of my social media activities. I try to monitor who is sharing my content and I always try to make sure I thank someone who has shared my content with a direct “thanks” or maybe a Follow or a Retweet or share of something they have done.

I hope to receive the same level of courtesy in return and will soon stop promoting someone if I constantly share his or her stuff without reciprocation or acknowledgement however influential they may be. Do you think I am right to adopt this attitude? Do you think my expectations are too high?

Sense of Fun

What is life without a bit of fun! I try not to take life or myself too seriously and I like to associate with people who have the same attitude. I like to have a laugh and make sure that my blog and my Tweets reflect that. So while I do like to see some serious stuff it’s vital to have good dose of silliness and smiles in all that we do.


Some might not see this as a value but even if you can’t put that label on it I still think that it’s a great trait to carry with you through your life. To my mind we have a choice when approaching our social media activities, relationships, problems or whatever life throws at you.

You can be the “glass half empty” person who looks on the dark side of everything, assumes the worst will happen and sucks the energy out of all around them. Or you can be like me and look at the glass as half full, look forward and not back and take whatever positives you can from a problematic situation.


Blogging takes commitment, interacting and engaging on your various social media platforms takes commitment whether it be commenting on other peoples blog posts or Tweeting consistently. I really notice this when I am researching my Top Twitter lists where a lack of regular and recent activity puts me off featuring people. Keep that commitment up as it soon shows when it’s not there.


Social media is a powerful vehicle for showing compassion and support for others and while not all of us want to shout from the rooftops about what we do a look at someone’s activity can say a lot about where their heart lies.

Are all the Tweets self-serving or do you see some positive quotes and charitable links? Are all the blog posts cynical and negative or do you sometimes see a glimmer of humanity? There are of course no rights and wrongs here but I do feel we should try to use social media as a force for good when we can.


Dare to fail!

What do I mean by this? Well lets just say that some of my blog posts have been more successful than others and looking back I wonder now what might have possessed me to write such a rubbish article or think that an idea might work.

But I have learnt something from everything I have done on the blog and even the disasters have led me to change and improve, some of the dafter ideas have actually turned out to be successful. If I always played safe these ideas might not have seen the light of day so that lessons might not have been learned and improvements not made.

If you constantly fear failing you will never succeed!

So what do you think? Am I behind the times or are these values still important? Please do let me know.

This article was published as a guest post by Tony on the excellent Cats Eye Writer Blog and has been reproduced here by the kind permission of Judy Dunn. You can view the original article and the interesting comments it provoked Here.

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  • Anonymous

    You are a gentleman my friend, and that is indeed a very good thing!

    • Ha Ha Vix, you are too kind, one does ones best to uphold those principles, thanks for the comment & the RT :-)

  • Excellent article! It apply to life in general, not just blogging and relationship. I think the conclusion could be: be completely you no matter what you do!

    Thanks for the piece of philosophy this morning!  

    • Thank you Andree-Anne, you summed it up well, be yourself but remember to make sure you keep to those principles too! Thanks for sharing on Twitter :-)

  • Well…let Me say this….I’m sure Your Daughter would look for all these things on her own!  Surley, being raised by a Fine Gentleman like Yourself, Tony; would give her great skill and perspective when choosing a “Blogger Mate”!  Hee-Hee  Great post!  :)))

    • Ha Ha Ellie you are just too kind – how lovely to see you over here with such a lovely comment. We certainly do our best to instill the right values in our kids but I guess they are growing up in a different world. Hopefully they will keep that flame burning bright for generations to come!

  • Rai M. Azlan Shahid

    extremely interesting read. i must thank the writer of the post for giving me something that good to read after a hectic day i had. 

    • Glad you enjoyed it and many thanks for taking the time to leave your kind comment :-)

  • These are good values Tony. It is unfortunate however that advancement is slowly killing these important virtues that is behind any form of success. Being a father of two very young children, I will teach them the important values they must possess, like the ones you have stated here.  :-)

    • Thanks for stopping by with your kind comment Walter – it’s only be teaching our children that these values will continue I think :-)

  • Cory Shanes

    I would!   Not that I have a daughter or anything, but being a blogger, I would hope that makes me good marriage material!

    • Hi Cory, thanks for stopping by with your comment. I am sure you will have all those values and at least now you know what a prospective father in law might be looking for :-)

  • Excellent post here Tony. These are all traits that I try to have in my life as well as on my blog. 

    Who knows, maybe blogging will become a new form of online dating? 

    “Hey baby, I’ve got a blog that will show you more about me”

    Well maybe not to that extent, but it can definitely help show these traits :-p

    • Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to leave your kind comment and for sharing.

      Glad to hear these are qualities you value too, interesting thought about ‘blog dating’ – maybe that will be my follow up project, I could design a new badge for blogs to display – ‘I have good values and your parents will approve of me!’

      No, you are right, that’s a step too far :-)

      • haha well I have had and continue to have girlfriends read my blogs… especially the more personal posts I share. It’s amazing to see how dating is evolving and how online media has influenced it. I wonder if any of them have shown my blog to their parents? I’ll need to ask! 

  • You could replace blogging with a lot of applicable words in this article! Principles are a good thing!

  • Agree, most of these attitudes and sentiments you can apply to anything.  The quality of person we are comes out in our blogs I tend to think.

    • Hi Justin, good to see you here and many thanks for the comment :-)

  • If your daughter married a blogger, she would be marrying a guy like dear old dad. You would be very proud! :-)

    • Ha Ha – you are too kind – many thanks for the comment Carolyn :-)